Saturday , January 28 2023

Panatinikos: Kulibi has been broken by left hand since 2019! – Panathinaikos


During Saturday's training, Panathinaikos suffers a bit of injuries with Usan Kulibali, as Mali has been defeated (broken in his hand)!

The training was nearing completion, and in the possession of the ball in the diet stage, the midfielder released his left hand and fell. In the autumn of the year, he could not handle his hand well and broke his left hand between the palms and the palms.

Cullibali visited the X-Ray Dental Group and showed that radiological control was broken in the center of the ultrasound. During Panathinaiko defense, a gipsoaster is placed, and its absence from competitive activities is estimated at about 6 weeks.

Therefore, the Mali defender lost the other matches of the first round of the tournament and lost two Cup games and competed in the beginning of the new year.

In particular, he competes with Apollo Smyrni, Maris, OFI, Atromitos and Panetoliko, as well as matches with Hirathetramen and Kisamos for the Cup.


This Saturday, in addition to physical exercises and racing games, Matthew Johanson has met the usual schedule and has shown that he has overcome the inconvenience of the buttocks.

Muni continued to be treated like a Kolvetius gym. Macadhas and Vercos Socrates were released from Dououdis.

On Sunday, the players of Panathinaikos will return on weekends at 17.00.

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