Friday , October 22 2021

RAE: Applications for RES – Dikaiologitika News power plants today


According to the timetable, applications processing ends on December 5, December 5, ie each project category (photoelectronics up to 1 MW, 1-20 MW, wind 3 to 50 megawatts).

The purpose of the auctions is to increase the introduction of renewable energy sources into the energy balance, and to prohibit the direct or indirect payment of consumers' costs.

Auctions are trades at the original price based on the SEZ decision, which is ultimately carried out by the competition rules, ensuring at least 75% of the required level for the auction end share. auction power.

For example, after examining the checklists when the category of investment interest is 150 megawatts, the power to the auction is set at 85.72 percent, which is 75.72 percent.

The requirement for participation in the tender procedures in accordance with the relevant decision is the presence of the Community Agreement or the applicable final offer, as well as a Letter of Guarantee, to be included in the elaborated projects with short-term tender schedules.

RAE "If the request for the Association Agreement is terminated promptly and appropriately by the competent administrator before the end of the final communication offer, the Concession Connection Proposal remains in force, so the project may continue the licensing process and file an application for participation."

The tender procedures in the category are as follows:

I category: photovoltaic power stations up to 1 MW. The maximal auction capacity is 94 MW, starting at 81.71 euros per megawatts.

Category II: photovoltaic power stations 1 – 20 MW. The maximum auction capacity of 100 MW, with one megawatts of 71.91 euros per hour.

Category III: Wind power plants 3 to 50 MW The maximal auction capacity of 229 MW, with one megawatth of 79.77 euros per hour.

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