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Red Dead Redemption 2 – Overview: Great game



Title: Red Dead Redemption 2
Available in: PlayStation 4 / Xbox One
Tested: PlayStation 4 Pro
Development Company: Rockstar Studios
Publisher: Rockstar Games
Type: Action adventure
Age: 18+
Traffic day: October 26, 2018

Translation / compilation: No


The ending credit goes down to Red Dead Redemption 2 and my heart is broken. Fighting skull, choking, and frustration with the game, I just finished, I'm glad to have it, or I'm sorry if I can not get it back again and again.

The last time I felt this was the episode 8 years ago, I finished the first game of the series, emotionally "finished" with the name and realized that the impact of John Marston's finish would not be the same throughout the century. But life surprises us, and this belief is not the only waterproof thing that has won Rockstar's last title. First of all, I have done a lot of things to consider as a player and a commentator, and I realize that there are many unclear ideas that are freely used here.

Any criticism of any criterion that may be found in any of the 10 "refiners" term will have a different meaning in that name, or will satisfy the product to find the benefit of gen derivation, if not descriptive as a whole. Let us recall that the generation was identified by games such as War of God, Witcher 3 and Zelda: Wild Breath.

Red Dead Redemption 2 expects that the narrow band of objective testing will focus on the idea of ​​when and when the article was submitted. Before I began writing, my efforts to alleviate my enthusiasm at the same time were fruitful, encouraging, and worrying, but I promise you that I can not overcome it. For riders, I want to go with the fava pit and the latter, which may be "perfect" often.


Red Dead Redemption 2 was temporarily posted prior to the events of the first edition, and especially in 1899, when the Anarchist Ancientism was eroded by the laws of the newly established United States system.
The game is rich, historical, realistic. The scenario is based on inspirational episodes, such as raids on Americans' indigenous peoples, criminal trafficking in the oil trading and private security agencies (Pinckton).

We have the role of Arthur Morgan, who has been a common criminator over time, and his brigade remains alive when prosecuted. At the same time, other vulnerable groups that are exposed to piracy and other useful "business" targets are at stake.

For the old friends of the series, of course, "common" criminals are members, not Arthur, but his brigade. John Marston, Dutch van der Lind, Javier Esquela and even brothers are part of our band's 22 members. The aforementioned names refer to symbolic objects encountered in the first game. Older or new members of this group have their own explosive properties, affecting the history of nearly 50 missions.

Why Red Distribute Red Redemption 2 is so special that it focuses more on the more effective feature. Arthur was able to convince me as the main character, but he just became a hero and migratory.
We see John Marston as a legend, and he is transformed from an impulsive, imperfect and immoral person into a father's figure, learning to morale and to abandon his self-esteem for those who love him. We also live in Dutch diversions and how it came from the clever leader of values, to the greedy, pitiful "evil" encountered in the first game.

In this way, the balance for the theme chosen to get her status is thin and Red Dead Redemption 2, but also effectively develop both the original and the second symbols. Nevertheless, when it comes to climbing, its role in the series is not the same. On the contrary, he is totally independent and can be liked by anybody, and encourages others to act smoothly.

Play a game

Arthur Morgan may be the thing you want, because many moral dilemmas and key decisions make the player a player. The basis of the script remains unchanged, but the scenes that you see before you reach the point of the conversation are very different. At the discretion of your choice, whether you are a loyal, law-abiding citizen, or a murderer.

The theme tells you how good and bad your actions are, how to play many aspects of the game, how other characters are and how your axis axes are. The history of the history, in the above verses.

However, it depends on how your people treat you, not just actions, but on your words. RDR2 is a pioneer, introducing a new mechanism of interaction with all characters in the world. Its depth is not large, and Arthur's limitations are general in ways that all people can be friendly or aggressive with something unique. Everyone is informed, we can congratulate him, fight and, if necessary, interact. With this innovation, the gaming world is becoming more vivid and natural, and this mechanic plays an important role in our relationship.

The biggest game, however, gives the game a very careful, wonderful world. In fact, the accessible platforms can not be fascinated for most of the generation of sandwiches. On the other hand, Red Dead Redemption 2 is a pioneer who presented one of the most complex, dynamic ecosystems we have ever seen. Animals and plants have their own prestige, as they focus on the majority of hunting. Their diversity is huge and resource collection is important for two main reasons.

The first reason is fun, because it implements mechanisms that make the process more accessible. There is no game, there is no deep or different RDR2 on how to use fishing, weapons, fodder and game. Identification of animals and plants, hunting technique and their processing … turned into normal science and forgot about it, leaving the remaining part of the game to infinity.

The second argument comes from the use of another key mechanism that satisfies Arthur's needs. Health, tolerance and play "Dead eye" (coward, slow motion) play a kind of bar, filled with nutrition, drinking and smoking. For example, in the world … when the dollar is hard, hunting works on the second level. Whether we are interested in feeding, selling or selling money, money, skin or horns, our wealth or survival group, camp, camp, "home", for our gang.

We are not the only person who can offer anything to the team. Each member specializes in something and has its own ways to help with money and gentlemen. The general sponsor of our course will be ours, and we will be responsible for the upgrade of the camp, which in turn will bring us more benefits and make it easier to develop our lives.

All of the above points are related to the feelings of a series of experiences and a series of life experiences. Although the game is not very cruel, it does not require the player to take care of the camp, but our story tries to get closer to the bands of the gang and to be interested in its prosperity.

Slow relationships (love and hatred) bring a series of missions with characters and direct links to each of the characters. We have side-by-side missions from other people, but the main missions usually involve the gang. These resources are gradually surprising for hunting since hunting, which leads to the largest looting of banks and trains with valuable goods. As we approach the end of the game, we pay particular attention to the mission's most important missions (not to mention the spoilers), but we're glad to explain that this is one of the best examples in modern games.

Each mission has unique, original, surprises, easter eggs and reports, and tell me about laughter, nostalgic or tragic events. Many of my missions, especially their final culmination in the last chapters, will stay in my mind forever, just like the first Red Dead Redemption that will show how well the game is played.

If Rockstar can accuse something, it does not necessarily agree with a specific position, it creates slow and realistic video games that can offend impatience.

You can enjoy a line-up game from the beginning to the end without having to confuse the subject and enjoy the criminals of the base story. Instead, be prepared to take a time-span with your own concept of investing in slow but close links between the player, the main character, and other characters. Random events will take you away from you and various activities will take you some (as usual) time to time, but in the end you will be compensated with the final taste, which will leave you with the peak of the story.

The time you spend on the game is displayed in the form of your own play, just like the links you have. The most attribute is our horse and their connections. By caring for our loyal friends, our relationship with him strengthens him, strengthens his physical strength and allows us to go out and make a dangerous maneuver.
We have small problems with both the horse and our playing skills and modernization skills. For example, having "unlocked" for a long time, working long hours, setting the weapon, our goal is to update to Dead Eye and so on.

This way of updating can make old and simple sound, but works perfectly with the rest of the gadgets and allows you to work under the "skin" hidden in the menus, so we ignore it and see the improved situation.

That simple view, macroscopic and weapon control systems, navigation and coverage. I think it's important, even when it's simple, but it's ergonomically distributed on the controller's buttons. More specifically, all game catalogs and functions can be accessed without entering the menu! This is done with a very smart controller scheme that assigns each button, but also acts correctly. Of course, we can balance and experiment, help us change or curb, define goals, and so on.

For the third party's major refusals, we have the first human choice we've met for the first time in the GTA V port for the next generation console. The First Person's Perspective dramatically changes the shooting experience and the overall level of gameplay, Red Dead Redemption 2, is second in this mode.

In general, its gameplay supports the RDR2 well, maintaining balance in all its aspects and using different types of manipulation. Additionally, we expect the app to come in the next few weeks and increase the content of the theme, which will bring the phone's features and statistics to many supporters.

Graphics – Audio – Technical Department

Words are too bad to give a descriptive description of the aesthetic taste of Red Dead Redemption 2. Unmatched orientation and visual editing for the game data go to a new level.

Graphics are not only beautiful, they are masterpieces. Technically, the love of technology that Rockstar technology has to use to achieve this striking outcome is fascinating, but it flies away from the objectives of this criticism. However, the most strikingly impressive feature of the Rage Engine is the fantastic range of fake nickname (TAA) images that can be completely eliminated (the stacks displayed at the edges of the low resolution graphics), which can be seen by Rage Engine (we can see the horizons that are in high resolution graphics) spectacular lighting effects that apply to all models.

There are surprising details in the design of simple, everyday objects, people, animals and everything else we see on our screens. The weather is influenced by dynamic and global illumination changes, as well as the texture of clothing and soil.

It is strange that all the assets of the game can be used in different locations and in different situations. We go to snowy mountains, green meadows, fogs, deserts, beaches, Jungars, big cities, small villages. However, everywhere, like Dead Redemption 2, it has the same aesthetic effect. Every frame of office we face is perfect and perfect.
If the famous engine is used in the case of "stress" through an unusual scenario, the animation may be awesome if no intelligence has been detected. For example, you can fly things in the sky or people and names by chance in the air. These moments are insufficient, but they laugh and do not break the flow of the game, which can serve as a different example.

The movement in all objects is genuine and natural. Characters of the third person, who do not use the key as actors, are even affected by face patterns and lips synchronization. Many of our activities are not limited to the usual menu, so we can be an example. In our shops, we choose products that are directly shelf-friendly. In the same logic, looting is not enough to show something in our backpacks, but it shows a separate animation for anything we can put on our inventory. Accordingly, unique animations are included for animal scrubbing, cooking and equipment production.

The sound did not disappoint after all of the above. Whites Jackson's signature has a unique soundtrack of surrounding sound surrounded by exciting moments of battle and exploration, with a signature soundtrack. At the same level, all the effects play in the correct volume and direction, separating high-quality and surround sound systems.

The actor's voice, as well as the movement of people, is an example to everyone on the screen (or animals). Certainly, the main characters are given more attention, and in the strong moments of the scenario, the scenes are virtuous.

H. empeiría mas, schetiká me tēn apódosē tēs konsólas mas, ḗtan exairetiká omalḗ kai péran tōn mikrṓn glitch, pou synantḗsame spánia kai anaphérame parapánō, den antimetōpísame kápoio próblēma. Xbox One X, που το RDR2 … λάμπει σε native 4K ανάλυση. The Xbox One X, που το το που το που το που το που το που το. Στην Pro έκδοση του PlayStation 4 και περιστόντα καταστήματα του προστήματα του προσκόπου καταστήματα του προσκόπου καταστήματος του προστήντες του προστήντες του προστήματος Σε σενάρια όπος το παραπάνω υπήρξαν και μικρές πτώσεις του frame rate, παρά το σταθερότατο ρυθμό που επέδειξε ο τίτλος στο μεγαλύτερο μέρος του.


Η μεγαλοφυΐα του RDR2 κινείται με άνεση στους τρεις που συνθέτουν που συνθέτουν που συνθέτουν Σενάριο, gameplay, τεχνικός και αισθητικός τομέας. Η Rockstar τολμά σε όλα τα επίπεδα και δικαιώνεται, χαρίζοντας στο κοινό ένα πραγματικό παιχνίδι "νέας γενιάς", θέτοντας, μάλιστα, τις βάσεις για την επόμενη. Synchrónōs, ginómaste mártyres enós aphēgēmatikoú aristourgḗmatos pou tha charachteí stē mnḗmē mas ōs to idanikó prequel, se mia seirá pou échei mpei ḗdē sto pántheon me ta all time classics tēs istorías tou gaming.

Βαθμολογία: 10/10

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