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Reversal of Social Dividend. Step-by-step process – SKAI (


The Social Dividend Benefits should be on your keyboard with your finger, as is the date of the online platform to provide the relevant attachments.

The government announced yesterday that the budget for 2019 will be partially officially partially financially weakened by the end of the year as part of a social dividend of 885 million euros.

The final amount will fall in the next few days because it is in government and the Commission's debate. The government is ready to allocate about 720 million euros last year. If there is no question about the costs of the European Union, this is a predominant scenario, if nothing is changed, the average dividend is EUR 570 and the maximum dividend is 1400 euros.

Those who do not know the online platform must know that the application is made in six steps.

They are:

Step 1

After logging in, confirm the IPTV and enter the email and mobile phone number used to send any alerts. You also need to negotiate the necessary data, such as about yourself, your spouse, and the information about your secured children.
If the system does not verify the tax code and the AMKA combination, the corresponding message will be displayed. In this case, you should go to the STD and ask for a TIN in the TRN area. To do this, you need a document that identifies your VAT ID with your personal ID (ID, passport, etc) and your personal information (such as a tax purifier). If you are a beneficiary of a social dividend after the amendment, you can continue the process (Step 1).

Step 2

Once you have agreed to process your personal and other information, we will place your personal information (such as name, date of birth, gender, etc.), financial data (taxable and non-taxable annual income), assets (cost of immovable property, cost of residence in Greece for the last five years , the principal insurance authority has a sign that insurance coverage is satisfied even within a month, and, ultimately, to your household members.

If your personal information is incorrectly displayed on the system, you should visit ADC and use any relevant document that proves the change to be corrected. If the system does not have a valid opinion regarding the insurance coverage of a month's insurance coverage for a social security institution, you need to provide all the necessary documentation and go to the TUEA branch and ask for your corrections.

Step 3

After that, you must fill in the IBAN account number, which is a beneficiary or a joint beneficiary. You acknowledge that you are a valid and active IBAN that must be an exclusive beneficiary or co-owner. Otherwise, no payment will be made, even if the criteria are met. For this reason, we recommend that you use any unaccounted account, wage or pensions or benefits (unemployment, SEA, etc.).

Step 4

If you have adult members in your home, guests should submit their Taczetz account to see how satisfied their rewarding criteria are for their GSIS access. All positive admissions of all adults in a timely manner are a prerequisite for filling out the application.

If you find that an unknown person is displayed as a guest, you can remove them by using the available options. This option applies to WHO at the expense of the forecasted tax return.

If you have a child after 1/1/2018, you can post it to the AMKA number. There is no change in household composition.

Step 5

This step indicates the indicator that indicates that the award criteria are met. Whenever possible, you will immediately inform your household of the amount of social dividends. Otherwise, the reasons for not being a beneficiary of dividends shall be reflected in detail. If this information does not appear, the consent of one household member has not been given yet or has been refused.

Step 6

If the criteria are met, make a selection [Αποδέχομαι το κοινωνικό μέρισμα] being a social dividend beneficiary. If you do not accept the criteria, you will not be a beneficiary.

In the first four steps, if you need to correct your data in JEP or EFC, you can request a revaluation of your home for dividends on your home screen by selecting "Homework for Home" to update your platform's changes.

However, the procedure should be completed by the end of December, 15th, for a period of social dividend payment.


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