Monday , January 30 2023

"Rubicon" for the arrest and detention of members of his political board


The original episode of the episode in the polytechnics is anarchist «Rubicon», threaten the police.

At his post on Facebook, the team tells about MAT's desires, threats and sexist links, when they finish one anarchy block and consider it a part of the repressive scheme, while others have been detained.

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Rubicon: On November 17, our members were arrested and wounded

The Rwonon again took part in the invitation of the Anarchists Federation on November 17 and with other teams. This year we visited our friends and friends, and after the civil war, we went through the rest of the struggle to honor the biggest uprising in the Greek society and to announce our participation in today's battles. we also signal a self-organization and objection to the social base.

During this process, MATs on our blog have shown harsh behavior, threats, sex work, and humiliation. We respect the collective decision about the nature of the course and did not answer the difficulties.

These difficulties were a repressive plan of attack on anarchist blocks after the end of the world. In the absence of "witnesses" in the dark, the police anarchist federation's bloc had the opportunity to cut off their hands as it was last year, when it was unnecessarily hit by the GADA. Also, parrots of journalism eliminate everything by compiling information that will enable the police to display.

When the vineyard crossed the subway (after accepting last year's lesson "waiting for us"), MATs saw their queues plan their massive attack on spasmodic and emerging worlds. We try to minimize a bit because we have failed our plans. One of our members was brutally beaten, taken to hospital with blood and trauma, another was arrested and beaten by dozens of police officers and now accused of damaging the health of the MAT.

Meanwhile, media propagandists attempted to spread false stories about the protesters' attacks on the police. Unfortunately, this is not the only one in the world. We believe that the video is already on the internet, and we think it's time for the police to think about the best way to serve our bosses. In the media, they try to change the place of detention of our members and place the best place to propagate them.

Yesterday evening in Alexandria, a series of activities on the pavement of the new surface of the repressions and gas and terrorist chamber were demonstrated. Despite the lack of celiac, SIRIZA continues to be "mature" in the new PASOK, and the first stories for the "progressive" version of "law and order" have fallen to the table. But elections are coming …

In any case, the battle line is full of state repression. We do not expect truth, honesty or some "humanity" from the gangster who protects or defends their defenders in the media. They also can not expect us to bend or to fight against them.

All in all …

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