Saturday , January 28 2023

Sotheby's historic hammer 7 + 1


The report says: "Sotheby's house is sold through the historic residence of Admiral Maulis in Hydra, which is estimated at 4.5 million Euros and is calling for the purchase of a building for the preservation of the state, the Mayor of Ghedira, an important part of the history of the country", a private transaction or forgery of history, the phenomenon is not isolated. The survey showed that eight of Greece's historic buildings are "Real Sotheby's sister: if they are their close relatives and the family of Nicolai Mantuaro's family in Corfu, the anthem of our country.

All of them are in the heart of what happened on their own day: Rethymno suburb of Venice, Corfu, Hydra, Patmos, Spetses, Rhodes. 8.5 mln. Sotheby's ads can be used for foreigners with a special taste or even more.

It was 1808 that Venetian architects Andreas Maulis 748 sq.m. House Miaouli built on the invitation of the house. There are six bedrooms. For an incredible beauty of the Antico Rosso House in the famous Kurskumeli family in Corfu, built in the 17th century in the natural paradise. A typical 19th-century typical 10-kilometer stroll from Corfu, a 700-square-meter park owned by the Mantramos family. For the Leonidovs family home in 1821, a four-hundred-century mosque in Patmos, which was built in 1600, was renovated in Lindos in 1600, seven years later as a monument to the Ministry of Culture for the 18th Century Gyrdon and the Renaissance to the Venetian Tower.

These houses are not just for perishable materials. They make the canvas that can be used to restore historical memory and understand the true choice of the main heroes. In many European countries, the state remains the active ingredient of the place, taking care of and utilizing historical buildings. The Greek state seems unresponsive. Unless the visa is changed, parts of our history will be packed with luxury packaging in digital advertising.

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