Friday , January 27 2023

The legal requirement is that the German armed forces have a moral obligation


The key points of the report, many members of the Inter-Parliamentary Committee on German Debt Claims, are Sri Lanka's deputy of Triathillos Metafids, presented today at SIRISA in Thessaloniki.

"Crimes against humanity will not disappear, only the Greek government has been supporting the end of the Nazi crimes and the Hunt government," he said.

The event was organized on behalf of SYRIZA Faliro, Toumbas, Charilaou and Mr. Metafids on "Non-professional Hunting, Demand for German Occupation Debt".

Regarding the next steps the Government intends to challenge, Mr. Metafids states, "The most important thing is that the ratification of the Parliamentary Committee's plenary meeting and the delay in existence have no political purpose behind it. "These committees advise the government that they do not play a key role, but they are important. According to the agreement of all sides, there is no doubt about the German Armed Forces' debt to cleanse the existing or non-existent debt of our country from the German state. We did not open a new front because we were struggling to quit the memorandum. Now we have solved this issue internationally, especially in the days of Steinwayer in Greece, in the international press the issue of extortion was too high, and I did not dislike hostile articles against our views, "the MP explained.

Taking into account the requirements set out in the report, he said: "We demand the First World War, compensation for special catastrophes, a forced loan, and a proper Hitler signature that is not a loan, but a contractual obligation, a contract between the two countries, , the return of the stolen cultural property, and a great looting. "

Regarding his position on the recommendation of the majority of the Opposition Committees, he said: "ND One of the reasons for voting in recent minutes is that we still have to raise the issue of compensation to victims. They claim it is dermatological because they say the government does not handle individual complaints. However, we supported them as a universal representative of the victims of the Nazi occupation in the state documents and in the State Council of the State ".

"We have to start a series of activities in order to determine the issue of international organizations, particularly the United Nations, the European Parliament, the Council of Europe, the European Commission, and to work well with Germany's public opinion. It is very important to create an alliance as Poland has begun the process of rendering aid to the victims, "the Athens news agency reported.

"All these measures should continue together, and the main purpose is to comply with the moral principle of reimbursement, rehabilitation and recognition of historic offenses that were previously unknown by Germany and destroyed Greece many years ago," says the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs. "Our Germans are currently facing their own disadvantages and underdeveloped aspects when they start their televisions, often restores them from all European countries due to the German occupation and the Refugee and Civil War. «

"The Germans are not famous for their simplicity, and this is a serious issue, and politically, when Greece is coming to a rescue, but still gentle, but I think that this is a fair, moral and eventually ethical and ethical achievement in this society, he said.

"We do not take into account the practical mood that has been consistently shown to the German modern state for a few years by strengthening the memory of the Holocaust, as well as the genuine apologies repeatedly expressed by Steinmeier's recent example from the Federal Republic of Germany. . Taking this approach into account with the Holocaust, the Jewish community of Thessaloniki finds it necessary to recognize historical truth and justify the demands of our homeland, including one of the Jews in Thessalonica, who suffered persecution and destruction. Only in this way we can say that we are dealing with good and ethical issues, "said David Saltiel, president of the Jewish community in Salonika.

The event was attended by Deputy Minister of Environment Protection Sokrat Matselos, Deputy Speaker Tazos Kurakis, Deputy Nikos Paraskevopulos, Mayor of Thessaloniki Yannis Butaris and members of local organizations SIRIZA.

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