Sunday , March 26 2023

This is the new CEO of Alpha


According to Alfa, the Managing Director of the Channel will now become Manolis Drainakis, who has full confidence in the family from Wondon.

The message says:Within the framework of strategic partnership between ALPHA MEDIA GROUP LIMITED (AMG) and SEILLA ENTERPRISES LIMITED (100% subsidiary of MOTOR OIL (HELLAS) CORINTH REFINERIES SA), ALPHA SATELLITE TELEVISION SA is in the hands of Mr. Manolis Drainakis.

Draynakis, who mastered the first business and managerial skills, makes a decisive contribution to the further dynamic development of ALFA. «

Buying Motor Oil

Last week, Alpha's subsidiary, Motor Oil, had acquired 50% plus two shares. Price is $ 33 million. Euros, with its charter capital up to $ 20 million. Euro is payable. Dimitris Canonassas will have the right to vote and will be Managing Director of Motor Oil. Notifications were provided by Motor Oil and ALPHA.

Since the summer, two STAR and ALPHA TV channels have "stood together" with the information space of the Cantonment station, which moved to Kifissia. Together with the "People", most of the employees are replaced by ALPHA, Plus Productions, STAR, Green Pixel Productions. According to reliable information, ALPHA's production company has detained very few employees.


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