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Windows 10 October 2018 Will renew on Tuesday?


Microsoft is preparing for another Windows sales campaign On November 13 (Tuesday) preparatory work is under way. Second, it enhances the modernization of the latest update system in 1809.

Windows October 10Thus, until November 13, the file "MediaCreationTool1809Oct.exe" will be replaced by the new version, but still is in 17763.1. This is due to the problem of upgrading Windows October 2018.

"Service as Windows" was announced in 2015 as a very good idea when Microsoft released Windows 10. But since October of last year, the company should review the way the model works. The issue of 1809 continued in November.

The last release was on November 8th, Windows will suddenly rise. The device has reported that its owners have no valid digital license from Microsoft and will use "Windows non-original copy".

Connection problem resolved, but Microsoft did not even apologize.

In the Windows era, we need to learn such occasional issues. But consumers are eligible to receive timely and valid updates when Microsoft issues any issues that may arise, and it does not do it a number of times.

Yesterday, we've mentioned another amazing thing with the new Microsoft model.

The company reports that all issues of the 1809 were repaired by the updates released on October 16 and 20. However, if you are one of the first weekly versions of the first week of the 1809, there is no way to install these updates. Or there is. Become a tester of Windows Insider and a company that works with it.

Of course, this is not true. Customers who need to run the Windows official (and persistent) version should not be logged in as beta testers to set critical preferences.


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