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Hong Kong police: "black police" in front of Hong Kong residents, "heroes" focus on continents – BBC News


Hong Kong police

Hong Kong's police have been recognized as the most professional and disciplined discipline in Asia for the sake of justice, honesty and public service. Their name is the "Black Police" demonstration in Hong Kong, where ordinary people have accused them of "black society" and "infringement of intellectual property."

Since the entry into force of the anti-fraud rule in early June, the conflict between police and civilians has intensified. The police law enforcement service has, to a certain extent, led to a surge of sport: violence, lack of complaints, and neglect of the underground world.

At the same time, there was a high opinion of the "supportive police" in China. Not only did the government support the police, but also encouraged the Hong Kong police for their cruelty. Material social media was content with the Hong Kong police.

A BBC correspondent went to two people and tried to convey the Hong Kong police's views on both sides.

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The clashes between the demonstrators and the police in Hong Kong have repeatedly turned into a cycle of violence. How did this situation come about?

Hong Kong police believe in new level of crisis – "police will not be safe"

At the Hong Kong International Airport Passenger Terminal # 1, the demonstrators held a poster "Hong Kong Police Kills Us" (12/8/2019)Copyright on the image

Miss Huang, who graduated from a prestigious university, grew up in Hong Kong, and his influence on the police was largely derived from film and television. He said he was thinking about the police: "The song that Jackie Chan automatically sounded in her brain is a self-proclaimed, strong man" ("The Story of Police", "The Story of a Hero").

After an adult, Mrs. Huangta has a lot of high school students who are police officers. Sometimes I talk about work, even if I talk about the tools used by the police in the gray area: "I understand their problems, so I'm not going to like it."

During the umbrella movement in 2014, seven police officers also beat a social worker in the dark. Ms. Huang felt that the police could still distinguish between black and white as "they themselves are too small, not right." "The Court Sentenced Initially Seven Police Officers were convicted of injuries and sentenced to two years of imprisonment, in July of the same year, two of them were acquitted and the other five were found guilty.

However, Mrs. Huang's current belief in the police is too low: "No police were so low."

The change began on July 21. Many white men suspected of having a triadic origin appeared in the Ying Long District of Hong Kong that night, and there was no difference in violence against journalists and journalists. After that, some Hong Kong TV channels used a closed-circuit TV picture to recover the time of the incident, which was suspected by the police as a lieutenant-justice act, but no police officer was prosecuted.

Mrs. Huang: "It's very angry, there are photos and movies. How can anyone be held accountable? He is absolutely black. "

Later, the police pulled out tear gas at the subway station, bombed nearby neighborhoods, and was suspected of killing a girl with a police bag. However, the police have expressed their opinion on "minimal force" and "exceptional circumstances" and added that they needed additional investigation.

Ms. Houang says this is simply the word of the police. He says: "The police have lost their intelligence, they have been over-relieved, cleaning up anger, and nobody seems to support the police. It is increasing day by day. "

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During the demonstration on August 11, police officers took pictures near the TCM Taiko Station and sent a tear gas to the Kwai Fong station.
  • Hong Kong police admit that they do not want to be kept between demonstrators and the government
  • Police support the demonstration in Hong Kong: "The use of police is not a problem."

Hong Kong police "one night breakdown"

Cai Yongmey, who came to Hong Kong in the 1980s, has been in the public movement for many years. When he arrived in Hong Kong, he was nearly 30, and he always praised the supremacy of law in Hong Kong with his mainland friends and praised the Hong Kong police. He recalled that the underworld was still tolerant and rational, even when the underground world was in a "bad luck" (rogue) conflict, even though it was referred to his nose. The suspect sends police officers for the law enforcement.

"These pictures fell one night," said Cai Yongmey.

He remembers the street protests of the 1990s and occasionally faced with the tragic events of the police, but there were no acts of violence. "When the police do not open the road or intentionally spin us, do we ridicule the police?" Are you studying together with the public's safety? «

He said he did not expect it, and he really says it.

"Political neutrality, and even the use of the underground world to stop the protest movement. Do not go to support, beating one eye, rough attack, brutal attack, or even breaking the law. ".

Sham Shui Po, Kongloon, demonstrators in Hong Kong escaped from tear gas firefighters (14/8/2019)Copyright on the image

According to Cai Yongmey, Hong Kong's police are part of Hong Kong's judiciary and can not use justification to break the rule of law. He noted that "the greatest harm to rule of law on society is not from the people, but from the government".

"If people are unlawful, they will be punished. If police violate police bureaucracy such as law enforcement, it really violates legitimacy. "

Some demonstrators resisted the violation of the rules of the police and became strong clashes. According to Cai Yongmey, demonstrators have been heavily severely affected by police forces, with no police riot, they have a lot of bodily injuries, and are facing police and police misdemeanors. Sanctions.

However, he does not agree with the practice of "violence", he says standing in front of the police and telling the song "Wide heaven".

At the beginning of this month, Hong Kong Institute of Public Opinion (former Hong Kong University's Public Opinion Research Project) accidentally came to over 1,000 citizens over the age of 18. The level of satisfaction with the Hong Kong police has dropped from 61.0 to 39.4 points at the beginning of June, which is the lowest since 2012. From the point of view of force, 58% of respondents believe the police used excessive force in recent civil unrests.

Recently, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet Jeriah, called on the SAR government to investigate this incident by law enforcement officials, verifying that they had violated international standards and standards when using deadly weapons.

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On August 10, after the demonstrators broke out in many places, Tsim Sha Tsui went to the police station and evacuated after the police patrol.

In the case of news blockade in China and fraudulent information, people are unilaterally supported by the police.

On July 30, a police clashes broke out around the Kwai Chung police station in Hong Kong's new territory. Clear sergeant Remington, at least two times a gun, is directed to the demonstrators after the captain. This has been said by many Hong Kong residents that the attack was caused by the pressure of the police, and then the trigger was broken. However, the mass media did not ask for the cause and consequences of the incident, but rather praised the sheriff and called it "hero". China's central television said: "The Hong Kong police can handle this group. They only hate Chinese. No, no, no, no. "

Maryland: "from melon eat" to "police."

After graduating from the University of Jangling at age 30, he worked with Jiangsu software. He started with Hong Kong since June, beginning with the anti-reform movement, mainly from friends Weibo and WeChat. He has a basic idea of ​​the cause of the incident and believes that millions of Hong Kong people have come to the streets to fight for their rights. However, with the development of sports, he became a "caretaker" of all the actions of the Hong Kong police.

Zhang Ling understands that Hong Kong residents have the freedom of assembly and assembly in one country and two systems, and that demonstrators have excessive behaviors when emotional. He believes that this is an important issue for the SAR government. Hong Kong's police can maintain legitimacy and discipline, and will soon calm down the social climate.

But when he saw that he started to block the subway that was affecting the work of the residents of Hong Kong, the approach changed significantly.

"Let me go outdoors because of freedom, but now you can not send it because your freedom has been harming the interests of others," said Zhang Ling. He believes that it should be the basic principle of the fight against other people's lives.

Hong Kong policemen wear clothing for demonstration (7/0799)Copyright on the image

On August 4, a simple police officer at the Hong Kong Police Force stated that they "disliked" the behavior of some protesters, claiming their intentions to "violate violence and undermine social peace." Information Platforms and Commentators During the genocide in Rwanda in Africa in 1994, the Hutu leaders, who had been fired by the massacre, recalled the Tutsi that they were addressing. Hoodoo rulers later sentenced the United Nations International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda to war crimes.

Zhang Ling also saw this news from Weibau, but he did not question the humiliation of the word "man", but "Why the demonstration should be compared to the ruin, it should have caused great harm. ".

Zhang Ling believes that the police duty is to preserve stability, while stability is "to let ordinary people live in danger and orderlessness."

Regarding best-of-police policemen, Zhang Ling believes that the police should not be politically neutral. He said, "This is not peace police in the world, Interpol, but a strong security force."

"Who is the police paying wages?"

When asked, are taxpayers not paying the government's salary to the police? Zhang Ling: "Are people taking money against the government (Hong Kong demonstrators) count the population? Do not you want to fight? This is a crime. "

At the police station in the new territory of Hong Kong, the police sergeant (on the left) raised lightning and gun to guide demonstrators (30/7/2019)Copyright on the image

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On July 30, Hong Kong's new territory, a police officer at the Kwa Chung police station (on the left), lifted the lightning gun and showed rifles to the demonstrators. China's state media considered her a hero.

"I support the Hong Kong police, but I doubt their behavior."

23-year-old Wu was born into a family of three police officers, who just finished college and is preparing to take the exam. During his holidays he has come to Hong Kong several times. He also met at the parade in Tsim Sha Tsui in early July to get acquainted with the situation in Hong Kong.

He believes that the police are responsible for the sacred profession and the protection of the people: "The First Purpose of Bones – Honesty." When he came to Hong Kong several times, he felt more secure than the main city because "Hong Kong is an international city. Unlike Shanghai and smaller districts, police here are stronger than the motherland. "

"The Hong Kong police are not going to chaos and watch the general situation." This is Hong Kong's opinion of Wu.

However, Wu did not admit that the police had committed violence during the human rights process. He even said that if the police needed it, they would have to question the leaders' orders. He was arrested for corruption in his hometown and was suspected of executing a wrong order of his leader.

"If you follow the wrong order, you will make mistakes," Wu said.

With respect to an order of execution of the order, Wu: "The number is your identification card. If you do not fit this number, can the band change your clothes to commit violence? "

Some Hong Kong police are afraid that the disclosed number will receive personal information about the "human beings" of the nettles and will be distributed on the Internet. The journalist Wudan asked, if he did, how he would be chosen?

She thought for a moment that she was worried about the safety of her family, but she still wanted to dress her up.

"I have to account for public opinion because I feel I'm dealing with law enforcement agencies. This is a problem of coincidence. I think it is right, "Wu said.

Police Colelon Sham Shui Po in Hong Kong sent tear gas to disperse demonstrators (14/8/2019)Copyright on the image
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