Friday , February 3 2023

Sony confirms that it will not be next year E3 Game Show can prepare PS5 – Hong Kong Mobile Game Network


Sony Professional Professionals reported that two 2019 E3 Game Show shows that Sony Interactive Entertainment is constantly looking for new ways to communicate with the community. In the world, we always want to use new techniques that are new to innovation and thinking, and we decided not to participate in the E3 Game Show-2019. We will try our best to become acquainted with our players community by 2019 and can not wait to share our plans. "

In fact, EA manufacturers held their own conferences, so did Sony follow Sony? In reply, PS Senior Vice President Jennifer Clark informed Game Informer that he would not hold a press conference at Sony E3. Perhaps Sony will not be happy with the next year's E3 because some Sony players are expecting to release the PS5 at Sony E3. However, this generation has not chosen to publish the game console switch, PS4 and XboxOne E3.

However, even EA and Nintendo E3 will use EA PLAY or Nintendo to send new messages during playback. I do not know what Sony will do?

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