Sunday , June 26 2022

The Taobao shop owner, who bought an online store, was sentenced to 10 years in prison for evading tax evasion.


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A female trafficker living in TaoGO, Guangdong Province, Guangdong Province, has accused Hong Kong of making more than 11.4 million tenge since 2013. He bought clothes and sent it in courier, post office, bunker and self-portrait. The tax evasion exceeded 3.05 million yuan, in February this year the local court was sentenced to 10 years in prison and fined 5.5 million yuan, on July 18, the second instance of the Supreme Court of Guangdong Province made a final decision.

Unexpectedly, however, your clothing store TSHOW Imported Apparel suddenly sent a pardon from the memoir, but the owner lost more than a year, but there is a fierce debate among the pure dialogues. Many of the safes were threatened by the "end of purchase." In public opinion, Yan Guan Shopping recalled that the "Electronic Commerce Law" will be implemented in January next year.

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Wan's husband, Mr. Wan, originally sold a suit of clothing produced in the country, but later went to Hong Kong to buy goods in the clothing market at Hong Kong, hearing that the clothing was imported to Hong Kong experts. As a result, on March 20, 1950, when his wife returned from Hong Kong to Zhuhai, he was detained by Gongbey Zhuzhou customs.

Mr. Van said he had considered the legal issue, but said he had paid taxes in accordance with regulatory documents. Mr. Wang and Mrs. Wang have complained to you about the decision and said that she was hopeless for her sentence, but only accepted. Also, "after the first trial, we applied for a fair trial, as a result of which there was no court hearing on the second instance". An apology letter should remind the woman to write a letter to allow her to know the truth about the event and to avoid the improper performance of her peers. Wrong.

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