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BL: Sorry, slow! – The wrong decision of Sterling Kassay Victor


Manchester City's midfielder Raheem Sterling apologized to Sachar Donek in the Champions League on Wednesday night (6-0) and asked for his apology from Victor Kassai.

Andrei Pyatkov, the goalkeeper of the Sahara gate, does not trust Viktor Kasai's blessing (Photo: AFP)

In the 1-0 victory of the team, Rame Sterling fell sharply on the corner of the Ukrainian goal, but the Hungarian referee refused. Penalty spot was taken by Gabriel Jesus, who was 2-0.

"I wanted to catch the ball, but I do not know what happened. They felt that I could accept them. I raised the ball instead of the ball. I apologize for sports "- he recalled an incident with Sterling in IT Sport.

Steve McManaman, Former United States Laureate, British National Football Player for IT Sport "Message-friendly mistake" and the BBC "Raim Sterling's Punishment: Is It All About To Be Difficult?" called the case.




Manchester City (English) -Slav Donek (Ukraine) 6-0 (2-0)
Manchester, Manchester City Stadium, 52 286 Views. beginning: Kassau (Hungarian)
the goal: David Silva (13th), Gabriel Isa (24th, 72nd, 92nd, 11th place), Sterling (49th place), Mahres (84th place)

Lyon (French) – Hoffenheim (German) 2-2 (2-0)
Lyon, OL Stadium, 53 850 Views. beginning: Macedonian (Dutch)
the goal: Fekir (20 years), Ndombele (28th place) Kramarik (65th place), Cadarabek (92nd place)
off Sent: Kassym (51, Hoffenheim)

Staff status
1. Manchester City 4 3 1 12-3 +9 9
2. Lyon 4 1 3 9- 8 +1 6
3. Hoffenheim 4 3 1 8-9 -1 3
4. Sakhar Donek 4 2 2 4-13 -9 2

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