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The Budapest Tüskecsarnok MAC Újbuda – DVTK will hold the Polar Bears match at 18, which is of great interest because of its true reputation. The first match between the two clubs in the Corset has won with a score of 3-2, so Mishkalk players return to the game.

They took the rhythm

Mackik won this week on Tuesday and Wednesday and triumphantly climbs up on Friday to strengthen his position in the middle.

"As a club leader, I've made a great deal since the beginning of September," said Ivvan Egri, a representative of the DVTK Polar Bears team after winning the Trencheny. "When I got into a line, I could not get bored, because I knew that the result of the league rhythm would come to an end. We have motivation, we have energy, and our speed is already there. We are becoming increasingly anticipating physical fights, so we have a lot of improvement in our overall performance, and we deserve it. Capitals are well-acquainted, but they know our good qualities, players know almost every other, fight for many clubs and clubs. We lost the match, but we did not manage to win, but it does not matter because there are no two similar games. Both teams have the same education, and in this case, the type of usual failure, the use of the position and the more effective work in the follicle games – I hope for our benefit.

There are many people

Glenn Hanlon, a Canadian driver, said that he had a happy face at 3 o'clock at night and looked forward to it:

– The key to the match is always to use speed and space. We have shown good results against Trenzen in the human breathing, and if the boys are in the capital, they will be successful again.

One of the Salvadoran commentators, Nickanrides, called smiling, Galant Nikanդրoss found himself more and Wednesday, for example, his name was a winner.

"We do not have to worry about anybody, and we feel the importance of the battle in the future," said the forward. – We are a good series, our mood has improved, we like to play in public, because we hope that many people will be in Pok Hall. We have lots of jokes for each other, and we can not find anything new, so individual solutions to gates can determine the shape of the game and the destiny of the points. On behalf of my colleagues, we say we can win in Budapest, and we believe in ourselves and another victory.


Spoken numbers

Both teams have the same number of lost points: 28 appearances at DVTK 23, and MAC 22 at 25 points. Mishkolz 63 times, Budapest 59 times, and 75 results. From that moment on, we could not tie, but after 60 + 5 minutes, when the scoreboard appears, you can play the first in the history of the League of Legends in the case of penalties or if you call hokinoelv.

Hager (red) was also attacked by goalkeeper

Miskolc – 23rd match DVTK Polar Bears in Slovakia's Tipsport League.

On Wednesday night, Mackik fought in the middle of the steppes against Trentzheny. This time he defended the gate of Adordaan, but the head coach of Glenn Hannon …

Dioslior's goal in two matches in Mishkolz

Mishkolz – Pieshtia began on Tuesday night, Mackik won.

In the 22nd round of the Tipsport League in Slovakia, DVTK Polar Aears was named the last home team. The red-and-white population was fired at HK Orange 20 (the U20 national team in Slovakia). Home Improvement

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