Monday , June 14 2021

Flipper is on top of BUX

Budapest stock exchange has received local investigative hat on the international market. After the death of the merchant, the investor began buying a blue chip. There was even more traffic.

Although there are disruptions, there is no complaint to the pupil: Compatible with international markets, BUX grew 3.9 times. Domestic index increased by 2,500 at the beginning of last year.

I like blue chips

Leaders call the OSP distortion at a high level, which quickly reflects the report. In spite of the Bank's good results bankruptcy of bankers fell, as investors lost profits.

For the previous period OTP spent 7.8 cents, which is also based on the results. OTP-template cscson, 11250 forinton zrt, and then pnteken turned from there.
Due to favorable registers, bank lending rates may continue, and due to lack of debt deficits, OTP can be repaid further and can move to other banks.Molo rose seven weeks and earned $ 3,000. The oil company has received new fuel oil for EBITDA's contribution to climate change. After that, the mountain chain continued. Mol earned 2.4 points in a row.

Force: MTI / Mihdk Zoltn

Richter jumped to the floor, on Wednesday, 5500 forints. Nevertheless, the third quarterly operative search came. From 5300 HUF it has been successfully settled, and the weekly 1.3 liters of Richter Corner.
Since Esmya has been licensed by the RMC on the Romanian wholesale market since then, Esmya may have gained revenue in the following quarters, so the keys support the following rise.Magyar Telecom also made extensive efforts to promote the operational reporting, but the result also brought to telecommunications. However, she did not have a valued price of more than EUR 25, which affected the loans only because of a favorable share. The week ended with a high level of 3.1 chips.

Forint was in good mood

The weakening of the previous years has been observed, but the profit has dropped sharply. There was also a good international mood that excluded American idiots.

A year ago, domestic prices in the domestic market were at a high level, from the last three to four months, while the US dollar weakened due to weak dollar.

Photo: Szab Gbor – Origo

Former US governors are temporarily weakening the dollar, as the Democrats are in power, and Donald Trump can no longer advertise adolescents. On the other hand, Republican republican regrettably has no reason to restore the old lobe.

When the interests received by the Fed meet the interest rates, the foreign exchange market has become.

Everyone has seen American rulers

The US Congress and the electorate were investors on Tuesday ahead of the election in international markets. However, the results resulted in the buyers and the bust result eliminated the uncertainty, and the investor supported the allocation.
Historical data also show that the market share is always the cheapest when it comes to clowns and when the foes dominate.However, in the middle of the climate, the FRS continued to eliminate the flame due to the slowdown in the economy of the Ketta economy as well as the wage-paying hats.
The stock market of the euro system was exposed to concerns about the balance of Italian costs and Eurobonds. The eurozone stock exchanges have at least stopped or weakened, with the US index rising from 0.7 to 2.8.

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