Wednesday , May 25 2022

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During the first nine months of the year, Hungarian traders saw consumer and consumer loans of around 1135 milloniters in the first nine months of the year, which is 42 times higher than in the previous year, the National Bank of Hungary (MNB).

35.7% of the loan portfolio of this loan amounted to 641.7 billion tenge. Structure of the long-term interest rate was observed in tenge.

Consumer loans totaled 493.3 milliliters of cents per cents of 51 cents and the total value of this product in the nine months of the current year was 342.7 millon in the same period last year.

The debtors in Hungary have increased by $ 6064 million in September. Tenge demanded, which is 3.2 times more than last year. Currently, MNB has demonstrated a 8.8-fold increase in bank debt, and a further $ 3,057 million. Dana, while consumer loans were low, but the muscle was weak.

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