Wednesday , January 19 2022

Index – A newborn baby was found near the hospital in Kecskemet


The boy stays in the incubator near the entrance to the hospital in Bex-Kiskun, Kekkomete, on Wednesday morning. MTA Nagy Dora Szigeti writes about this. Boy child, 3400 grams, 53 cm long and healthy. The hospital was named after Gabor. The third child left in the incubator over the past decade.

According to Keleben, the head of the Early and Newborn Nursing Department in Bex-Kiskun, Babylonian Incubators are designed to determine the weight of the newborn in the hospital's hospital. After that, employees of the institution say goodbye to their parents and give them a few minutes to keep their anonymity, and the team takes care of the newborn.

According to a neonatologist, doctors do not have information about the mother's pregnancy, many studies need to be carried out and the baby receives the necessary vaccine.

A healthy baby will be informed about the guardianship body in which the adopter makes a decision on adoption or temporary state care. In the next few weeks may be a mother who is in a crisis situation.

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