Sunday , August 14 2022

Index – Internal – The CRC Inspection Area has begun to rise


According to the verdict, on May 13, 2017, three of the four detainees at the Dakar Ferenc Square collided with an unknown man during the investigation. An unidentified person is one of the accused. Then the defendants were assessed for their injuries. First of all, all three were immediately beaten by the KGB inspectors and security personnel. Then the defendants left the scene.

Afterwards, the Turkish man, who came to the underground in the subway, asked about the direction of inspectors. The defendants returned to the scene with their fourth assistant and returned to the CRC staff and taken to the passengers when they arrived there. Four of them were surrounded by one of the inspectors of the CRC who captured him. During this time, several people came to the ground, including an inspector, who was beaten and conscious of one of the defendants. Taking this opportunity, another defendant hit the Turkish man several times and hit his head. Other KCB employees have eliminated his attack.

Four assailants were arrested in Budapest V and XIII. District prosecutor's office accuses CRC inspectors of the CRC inspectors for serious crimes.

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