Wednesday , March 22 2023

Index – Sport – Retired last year, Italian champion for four years is forbidden


The banned product, the Italian Anti-Doping Agency Philip Magnit, was sentenced to four years in prison. Last year, two world champions retired.

The same sanction was applied to freestyle 4×100 meters freestyle with Italian chopper in 2015 when Michel Santucci was awarded a bronze medal. Santucci Magnifi was contacted with dietologist Guido Porselini, who was suspected of drug trafficking.

Magnesium has only talked about the solution,

I have never made a mistake, this is a funny riddle.

At the Magnini Grand Pool, which retired in December 2017, he won the World Championship in 2005 and 2007 at a speed of 100 meters and won eight European Championships. He and Santucci became members of the Italian rapid movement in 2015, his bronze medal team.


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