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Interview with Shumaher – Video –


Michael Shumaher's seven-time champion showed his latest interview on Formula One's serious injury.

The last interview of Schumacher after his accident was shared by his family (Photo: AFP)

Michael Schumacher In December 2013, he suffered a severe shock, and the family completely blocked the media. But now today's interview a few weeks before the Méribel crash, he won the World Cup seven times, telling about his career, success, rivals, role-models, and dumbbells.

What was your most emotional championship: In 1994, was your first 1994 success or the first trophy Ferrari?

MS: – It was a pleasure to win the Ferrari in Suzoa in 2000, and the team won the title twenty years later, and I was waiting for five years.

You've spent more than twenty years in Formula 1, which of your opponents is better?

MS: – Of course, Mika Hakkinent, I played with him in a personal fight, and our relationship was very good.

How bad is the royal category?

MS: – Formula 1 is very strict. Previously, it was even more difficult when no braking or steering control services were available. However, you are still one of the most sophisticated types of sports, so you need more training.

Who is your child in Formula One champion?

MS: – At the beginning of the guitar I saw Ayton Sena and Vincenzo Sopitat, who loved me very much. However, I was saying that Tony Schumacher (former goalkeeper of the German national football team) was my main character because he was a great footballer.

Do you want to set records or skip your skills?

MS: – There is only one thing in the record … doubts? You should not go too far, but do not doubt what the next step is to know how it develops. I had to work and feel that I was not always good. In my opinion, this is the secret of my success.

You've always said F1 is a team sport, but not about man?

MS: – Success, whatever it is, at least what I know is always the result of teamwork. A person does his job, but as a team you need to be much stronger and Formula 1 is a team work.

Benetton and Ferrara have brought you to world championships, and Mercedes helped them build their bases – are they relative?

MS: – In the Benetton team, we have teamed up for four-five years and won the championship. It was also at Ferrari, because Mercedes's goal was short-term. If I wanted to find a common position, then Ross Brayne said.

Have you monitored every single competitor or simply justified balloon?

MS: – To develop, you will not only deal with your car and yourself, but also with other people, not just people.

You have always said that gambling is a good base for future competition so that it can be any category. Why?

MS: – Because you have many opportunities for further development. and, of course, there are battles, wheel wheels, which you can learn a lot of.

Is there enough talent to succeed?

MS: – In Formula 1, like motor sports, talent is important, but that's not enough because you have to constantly improve your skills. Gangbang gives you a good opportunity to show your talent, and also allows you to define what you need as a racing driver.

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