Saturday , January 28 2023

Kuttor: "We can not stand in tiredness"; Nicholas: "4-5 players can not enter the field" – these coaches are waiting


Attila Kuttor (Mezőkövesd):Of course, I saw the match "Mol Vidi" – "PAOK Salonika". The only professional work we get is ourselves, but we do not do this match. Whether it's a soccer player or what PAOK does, it's a personal matter for both companies. The conclusions of the I meeting of the National Bank are not issued. I have repeatedly stated that we only deal with ourselves and try to improve our work and improve our weekly work. The peculiarity of this genre later proves it, so we know later that we are on the right track. We are tired, because football can not be spontaneous, especially when it comes to things like that. I can say one thing about my men: We do not care about their personality, we need to pay attention to our opinion because we can get one of these two. Last year or last, but I did not start with my own words. What do you mean for a few months? It has repeatedly proven that it is possible against anyone in this area. Our secret is simple: if you have to run, if you literally play, we run and then play football. No fairy tale, they do not go without it. (

Marko Nikolić (MOL Vidi FC):That is why I have repeatedly stated at a press conference on Thursday that the match against Mezokoves was a very important and difficult meeting from the national breaks. We have won five times since the previous national "rest" and played only in Kisvard, so today we are waiting for a big championship, which is certainly three points. Until now, we have been working on this week's EL games for the regeneration and preparation of Mezőkövesd. The challenging rhythm of the game was on its way, and 4-5 players will not be able to enter the field this time, but we will do our best to achieve good results again. (

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