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Men's Handball: Hungarian team is preparing for Denmark

The Hungarian men's handball team is preparing for the qualifying tournament for the World Cup in Denmark.

According to the website of the Scandinavian countries, the Hungarian team will compete twice with Denmark's national defense champions in the first week of January on January 3 at 20,15 in Auckland and 6,16,10 in Odense.

Team captain Vlana Matic together with team captain Istvan Tssokayya in an interview with Sport TV channel, on December 27, trainers prepared a training plan for the training camp before the World Championship.

For the first time, the club coaches and federal coaches have created 28-35 players, downgraded to 20-22 before the start of the training, and chose 16 to 16 players in the World Cup.

Also experienced players – Laslo Né, Ferenc Ilyas, Gabor Xsserar and Cornel Nagi – joined the tournament.

"I know little about Gia. I like Cszzit very much, he has risen in Dunauvaros, one of my best players when I was a former captain, and I think he is a very good player and he is a very good player. There are also players playing abroad, as well as Great Cornell, which is behind us and we fight with it. As I see, the Rudy of Faroe Islands now shakes and Bartoka (Bartók Donat ed.). There are many horses, but a good idea to keep a strong, strong and good position, but we do not have a child. «

Sweden, Hungary, Qatar, Argentina and Angola also won a silver medal in the European Championship in Denmark in Denmark in Denmark in the Doping Doping Group of Denmark in January. The first three are over six, the first two or two of the semi-finals will have their first four. In case of further development, the Hungarian team plays their semifinals in Hering, Denmark.

Groups will be held from January 10 to 17, and will be held between the mid-19th and the 23rd. The semifinal will be held on January 25 in Hamburg, and seats will be held on January 26 and 27 in Hering.

The winner comes out of the 2-5 tournaments in Tokyo in 2020. Participate in the Olympic selection.

The next stage of the qualification will be 2020, currently 24 teams from the Norway-Sweden-Austria-Europe championship, the winner of five singles games and the other two best performing clubs – can participate in the Olympic qualifying tournament.

SOCIAL INSTRUCTION FOR WOMEN (January 10-27, 2019, Germany and Denmark)
A-GROUP (Berlin):
France, Russia, Germany, Serbia, Brazil, South Korea
B-GROUP (Munich): Spain, Croatia, Macedonia, Iceland, Bahrain, Japan
C-GROUP (Gaining): Denmark, Norway, Austria, Tunisia, Chile, Saudi Arabia
D GROUP (Copenhagen): Sweden, Hungary, Qatar, Argentina, Egypt, and Angola
The group's first three or three players are in semifinals.

The Hungarian team:
11 January 2019, 18:00: Argentina-Hungary
January 13, 2019, 18:00: Hungary-Angola
14 January 2019, 15:30: Hungary-Qatar
18 January 2019: Hungary-Egypt
January 17, 2019, 20.30: Sweden-Hungary

Halfback (Cologne, Hering): January 19-23.
Semifinal (Hamburg): January 25
Positioning (Gaining): January 26, 27
The World Cup Winner will take part in the Tokyo Olympiad, 2-7. they will be able to take part in the Olympic qualifying round in spring 2020.

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