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The Centennial of the World War II – Hungarian characters of the First World War in Budapest


As Secretary of State of the Ministry of Human Resources Bint Rutvill stated at the ceremony: No warrior died in the history of Hungary as in World War One.

There were 3.8 million people in Hungary, 661,000 died, 743,000 were injured, and 734,000 were war crimes.

He pointed out that he had replaced a century of memories through the memorial, because the heroes of the First World War did not have a monument in the capital. In the Communist era all monuments in Budapest were destroyed.

He fought for his country and made his life a great sacrifice and said he was the hero of all who sacrificed him.

The scarcity of the memorial was hard, because the wars of the First World War broke out of the Trianna border, so relatives could not know where to find their relatives, "he said.

Meanwhile, the memory of the monument is also compatible with the goals set by the Basic Law, ie the restoration of the Hungarian continuity of the history, which was lost during the Nazi-communist occupation.

He drew attention to the fact that he was the empire's creator in the First World War and that free Hungary would never fight.

It should also be in the hands of the free nations if it is seeking peace, because the tragedy is always governed by the power of the empire.

That's why we have a hundred years to keep the people's freedoms, because free countries are peacekeepers, "said Bint Rttvari.

Defense Secretary of the Ministry of Defense, Istvan Sabo, said the brothers were to be remembered as soldiers who sacrificed their lives to protect their homeland. Perhaps because Hungary was the only state of 30 warlike states that did not recall the heroes, even the associated documents were lost in the Communist decade.

However, today the monument is a great place and this promise is worthy, "the State Secretary said.

Director of the Institute of National Heritage Katalin Radnayne Fogarasi recalls that during the fifth month of November 1914, during the war, during the war, a temporary heroic monument was erected in the new cemetery of Racosergesur, but the monuments were then destroyed.

Now, remember the heroic deaths of their ancestors, deserving of charity, "said the general director.

Monument to Attila Zygmond creates a pyramid or pyramid. There are 177 titles and 154 combat names, and the memory of the victims was also given to the perpetrator.

At the end of the solemn ceremony the participants shook the memorial.

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