Friday , September 30 2022

The government has made a decision on generous HBV and the development of the railway


After connecting to the West and South railway stations, the Nyugati will be the base station connecting several HÉV networks and will be able to demonstrate the technical specifications of new HÉV fittings, including government declarations published in the Hungarian newspaper.

The first solution is part of the Integrated Transport Operational Program of the European Union (IKOP) in Szentendre Suburban railway line aBetween Centennial and Centennier reconstruction and preparation Ráckeve and a Csepel HÉV reconstruction, including the fact that they are on the Calvin Square.

This is only the final task. The feasibility study should be carried out when connecting these two Southern HÉV networks and the northern HÉV network in Sentendre.

They also accepted railway stations

It is also part of the IKOP Southern Railway Station through the region West Railway Station the leading railroad tunnel and the West Railway Station to the Central Railway Station. In addition, a detailed feasibility study should be carried out with the conversion cost of the headquarters system, and thus the change in the function of the sections exempted from the railway.

The second solution concerns the development of the train station in Budapest. This government has assigned the Prime Minister and Minister of Innovation and Technology together with the Minister of Portfolio Affairs, which is not responsible for national resources, to complete a complete feasibility study covering urban, transport, railway technology and environmental aspects, funded by the European Network Facility (CEF). The study envisages the extension of the tunnel connecting the South and West Railway stations, as well as the South Trails with new stops (this is the Kelenfeld-Keleti railway station with new stops at Narder, Maslenica and Neptil).

Damu should cover all areas along the South Railway Station, Nyugati Railway Station and East Railway Station. At the same time, as a result of the transformation of the railway line, it is necessary to elaborate the concept of railway maintenance, maintenance and repair infrastructure.

This will be a city and high speed railway axis

The third solution envisages the development of Budapest suburban railways (railways and HVs) in a single system. It identifies the Ráckeve and the Csepel railway line, and then to the Calvin-der-West Railway Station and to Belkasmerg, then to Szentendre and Ezergom.

The law also defines technological parameters allowing the use of railways in the suburbs of Budapest-Kuntsentmiklos-Tas near 150 suburban suburban areas.

I would also link M2 and HÉV

The government has agreed to develop a comprehensive urban development project for urban development Budapest-Hodgelo and Budapest-Stormor HÉV. Two roads in the Russian leader's area receive Installation of a new start line with the Torozorhe Railway Line 100a and the Rakosfalva railway line connecting to the metro network M2. In addition, the production of Racosurgeon brackets begins.

Finally, it is necessary to define the characteristics of the vehicle that will allow you to buy new HVV fittings.

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