Thursday , August 11 2022

the police led "Gius Girgin"


By Michael Hendrick's 2017 collision, the Horsepower was quickly absorbed into the tone and then fell off with Citron. Two people died in the shock, and the others were defeated. Michael R. Richard, who was beaten several times after the incident, was arrested by the police and then ordered the arrest.

Gzol has broken the boundary of Hizy's rules, and now he comes. The boarding school allowed Michael Richard to go to the doctor who went to the city hall. The police then took care of Fvrosi Trust.

Mr Richard was suspected of having committed several crimes during the Central Investigative Office.

Force: Origó

Given this, Michael Richard must be arrested because he is in danger of being prosecuted or subjected to a criminal offense.

According to Origo informer brsg today. He ordered to stop Richard. Bartney is wounded, only taking golf by hand.

As we have already said, Michael Richard spent the night driving Dzsa Gyrgy through the Mercedes driver, then hitting Citron.

Two people died in the accident. Before the traffic accident M. Richard was arrested.

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