Monday , June 14 2021

The Prime Minister acknowledged the special treatment of Gruevski

Since yesterday, the government has denied accurate information about an international dispute over whether the former Macedonian prime minister escaped from prison in Hungary. Pierre SIJARTO also did not say how Nikolas Gruyevsky came without a passport.

The Prime Minister made a statement later. They confirm that "Nicola Gruevski applied for asylum in the Hungarian competent authority". Former Macedonian prime minister made a statement on his intention to apply for refugee status in Hungary. «

Nicola Gruevski has been sentenced by October 5, 2018Robert Atanasovsky / AFP

But how did a circumcised foreigner cross the Hungarian border without a passport? They say:

"For the sake of security Nikola Gruevski has applied for lodging in the headquarters of the Immigration and International Office in Budapest, taking into account Nikolas Gryuyevsky's tenure as prime minister for ten years. Immigration and Inter-Ethnic Organization shall, in accordance with the Hungarian law, grant asylum pursuant to international law. «

According to the Helsinki Committee, if Gruevski does not have a passport, he will wait in the transit area.

As we wrote in the morning newspaper, Victor Orban, when choosing Pussyhrukh Gruevski, should choose the world between the Kremlin and NATO, but in Prime Minister's statement this is only a matter of law:

"Macedonia is a strategic partner and important ally of Hungary. Good cooperation between the two countries is an important foundation for the development of the Balkans and European security. Hungarian partner in intergovernmental relations is the present-day Macedonian government, so we intend to interfere in the internal affairs of sovereign states, and we consider the request of the former Macedonian Prime Minister as a legal issue. In accordance with the Hungarian law of Hungary, a detailed description of the deprivation of liberty will be provided by the Hungarian authorities until the end of the procedure. «

Former Macedonian prime minister said he was in Budapest on Tuesday and asked for asylum in Hungary. In the last days, he has received many deaths and fears of life, and he has turned to the Hungarian government. The Macedonian authorities confirmed their presence in Hungary. How it came to the country, a passport and a passport were withdrawn earlier.



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