Saturday , January 28 2023

Women's Handball Cup EHF – four goals scored in Russia, Sioofok


the result,

Women's EHF Cup, Qualifying Tournament, Stage 3, First Round:
HK Lada Toljatti (Russian) -Siófok KC 30-26 (15-16)
The most successful players in Zoeffok: Gonzalez Alvarez 7, Neze Minko, Cobetin 4-4, Elgauei, Bemma 3-3

Russian (5-3) played without legion, but Sioofok quickly jumped and scored two goals (7-9) in 6-2 games on the 13th minute. Lada (12-10), but the guests were re-elected before the break (15-16) under the guidance of Spanish Mireya González Álvarez.

In the beginning of the second period, Sioofok could not find seven minutes with the score of 6-1 on the Russians using the ascent and fall. The Romanian Siófok legion Gabriella Perianu made a mistake in the last minute, the home team was asking for time and looked like the last attack, but after the ball ended, Croatia's Katarina Jezik set the final result (30-26).

Lada Tolyatti's right forward Ekaterina Gajjuk scored eight goals.

later on:
Dunaújváros Kohász KA-Super Amara Bera Bera (Spanish) at 17.00
Érd HC-Storhamar HE (Norway) 18.00

Submissions will take place on the following Sunday, and the winners will be in the 16th group stage.


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