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& # 39; Fallout 76 & # 39; Overview: Bethesda & New Apocalypse welcomes you


I'm not sure If I were so comfortable with the apocalypse. When I play in the first hours, it is the idea that I can work through my mind Fallout 76 and its founder procedures. While I'm leaving the Vault nuclear warhead. When I find the delicate skins. When I get into several series of rounds against rats. I started throwing everything and everything that I thought would be useful later.

Fallout 76 It is an ambitious attack for Bethesda Softworks and Conservative. On the one hand, it is widespread Reception, transferring it to several players, as a single, unsatisfactory experience in its history. The next apocalyptic world is played by other players, all doing the same thing: garbage, war, construction. Dynamically changes the main structure of the game, leaving it behind and expanding the tip. Many NPCs have been replaced by robots or data logos, some of the challenges in the world that are supplemented by antagonistic action from players and a competing nuclear bomb disposal. (No, in fact, you can beat your enemies).

But it seems to me that Bethesda is better than anyone else Reception games. According to this slow transformation, the series was much cheerful, cheerful, and even warmer. In the early days, before Bethesda acquired a franchise right, Reception a ridiculous satiris of the Cold War, a complex, incomplete strategic role-playing game. Under Bethesda's control, it is a slower customer experience, and in this process, players and hobbies are sincerely embedded and built less than satirate, making a whole new identity for themselves.

Here's how: Fallout 76 It starts with one party, and the first is over. If you sleep only in the evening and fall asleep at night, then you normally think of an unusual situation – a bunkhouse for those who own a household house. It is self-congratulatory, a series that recognizes and loves its initiatives. Parody instead of itself.

Then, in 2018, the apocalypse looked interesting.

Any irony will quickly disappear, because the game offers excellent teaching aids to build, to fight, and to get the player's new franchise tradition before they start. However, it is not too far away. Even after the nuclear war, the settlement of West Virginia remains idyllic; The thick, beautiful leaves greet you, even a quiet desert. Certainly, there are some killer robots, but they are more attractive than fears. Have fun in the wild in nature. Only you and the end of the world.

I am still far from here Fallout 76, despite playing for a week; many of its features are for high level players. However, until now, a feeling that can not relax is so much happier, a much less enjoyable scenario. Later, in 2018, the apocalypse looked interesting, and for decades we have slipped into pop-culture manifestations, and the truth becomes irreversible.

But there is something to attack me because I hear a weapon from a distance, because I remove a gun from my gun because I get a long, deep breath before closing in the branches of the branch. It hit me, it does not feel anything. It feels good. Fallout 76 wearing a comfortable pair of trousers. Maybe I should not feel comfortable in the later apocalyptic wildlife. But I do. Because it's so good, because I'll stay for a while.

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