Friday , February 3 2023

"AI Changes Life"


United Nations expert: "Ethical artificial intelligence is essential

While digital solutions, such as artificial intelligence, change lives, they are also concerned about the security of human rights, says expert.

According to researcher for cybernetics technology at the United Nations University (UNU), Eliot Pauvel, helping us to change our lives and keep track of our bodies, moods, and emotions in visible and invisible ways.

"Integrity and optimization, including our personal information, can be a challenge for us to identify who we are and to identify objects of our lives for different purposes without our direct knowledge and consent," said Pauvel. News from the United Nations.

Thus, in an algorithmic world, how to protect the mind of an independent person is a philosophical, urgent and difficult dilemma.

Most importantly, the AI ​​evolution is accompanied by technical advances in other areas, such as genomics, epidemiology, and neurology.

This means that your coffee maker not only sends information to cloud computers, but also the Fitbits sensors. intellectual implants inside and outside our bodies; there are also brain-computer interfaces, even portable DNA sequencer, "said Paavel.

As a result, the AI ​​revolution promises great promise and, on the other hand, is a major threat, especially with regard to possession and control of our closest data.

Because, apart from analyzing our trade patterns and acquaintances, computer codes can read our genes, cells, and vital signs.

A digital image of our characteristics can help build the world's highest-precision medicines, or it's more vulnerable to exploitation and access than ever before, "Pauvel said.

"These scenarios can solve ethical and political issues that need to be mapped, published and analyzed to create an in-depth for-be debate on AI global governance," said Pauvel.

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