Friday , December 3 2021

Asiad's gold medalist Swapna Barman can take seven pairs of Adidas shoes


The first Indian Swapna Barman, who won gold at the Asian Games in the beginning of this year, was born with six foot shoes.

Adidas Swapna delivers high quality footwear (Reuters Photo)

Adidas Swapna delivers high quality footwear (Reuters Photo)

The golden medalist of the Asian Games Swapna Barman has won 7 pairs, each of which has announced the Adidas sporting event for various events of Heatlaton.

The first Indian Swapna, who won a gold medal at the Olympic Games in the beginning of this year, was born with two legs. After winning the golden medal at Jakarta Games, his condition was difficult.

Over the past two months, Adidas has worked with Indian authorities and headquarters in Germany to find solutions for Swapna with their Athlete Services Lab.

Swapna Barman rarely has a new route

After thorough analysis, the brand decided to support Swapna with high-quality footwear designs and provide seven different pairs, each of which is dedicated to seven Heptathlon events.

At Adidas, we believe that through sports we have the power to change lives, and Swapna is a great example, and we're delighted to welcome Swapna with Adidas's family, "says Sean Van Wyk, director of marketing at adidas, adidas India.

Solutions for Swapna are provided in reasonable quantities, with pressure points and pallets (India Today Photo)

Special solutions for Swapna are designed to meet the mentality, pressure points, and cushion requirements to ensure its incredible compatibility, comfort and appeal.

"Respect for the connection of any athlete with the Adidas family, I realized my dream of winning a gold medal for India, and now I'm preparing to make the next dream of winning an Olympic gold for India," Swapna said.

"I'm looking forward to training and competing in new shoes and Adidas's continuing support, and I'm sure I will continue to improve as a sportswoman," he said.

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