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Becky Lynch came up with another Survivor series – now Ronda Rousey caught off

Becky Lynch does not respond to Ronna Rawsi in the WWE Survivor series because of the earthquake – the injury could never have been sustained.

The SmackDown champion among women told Mirror Sport about the fights that he was fighting with Tony Quant.

31-year-old chess champion in women's unbeaten match at Staples Center in Los Angeles, California.

But yesterday, WWE confirmed that the match was interrupted, after the Irish star "broken face".

Lynch's face last night left Rawey open under an angle as he attacked Rousey as a women's unit of SmackDown.

Becky Lynch is a dashing man after the accident in Rode

Becky Lynch is a dashing man after the accident in Rode

According to Fightful, after he had been cut open as Nia Jax's legs, the mucous ruptured and possibly broken nose.

He comes for Lynch in the worst time, the real name Rebecca Quinn, who rose to the peak of the wave after becoming a helix in SummerSlam in August.

After the attack on Charlotte Flair, the Irish woman won the title of her best friend in her captive cellphone, and her performances were heard by fans and critics.

Answering a question about a collision with UFC on Mirror Sport in London, Lynch was skeptical of the show.

"Adam" told Ronda that he was going to do something like "do something like me."

Becky Lynch smashes Ron Royce in Rhone – but worsened after colliding with Nia Jaccke

Talking to his character, he said: "I want to learn that I have never had a chance to learn my difficulties, and that you know the last time my weekend is over.

"I did not stop work, and I never missed a single time injury, two years ago I was a surgeon and missed it for a week.

"I will not stop, I will not stop when I get injured, I will not stop when I get injured, and I can not say for Ronda Roussi.

"I hit the Super Show-Down in Australia, and two days later I was defending my name.

"We've been cracked down and we have not seen her for a year now, that's the difference."

London Becky Lynch is in an exclusive interview with Mirror Sport in London

Indeed, if Lynch really has a quake, then the WWE's official policy will be abolished by its decision to compete.

The WWE ImPACT mast management program has been signed to include the assessment of brain cerebral activity.

The results of the cognitive test are evaluated by clinical neuropsychologist and Dr. Mark Markel, director of the Pittsburgh University Cytology Program.

According to the report, WWE talents have been awarded the basic ImPACT test – each year to determine their performance.

If WWE is suffering from a talent or an earthquake, they will fight until the test runs and the certified doctor will be clinically cleansed.

These tests are usually normalized within 24 to 48 hours, followed by repeated testing, 2-3 days after the first evaluation.

If this happens, a tested test will be performed to see if physical activity can restart the talent's shock symptom.

Video is in progress

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Whether it is possible to publish the series and the Rawi Survivor series, the Limerick's born star has already given the usual answer.

"There are no big stars at WWE at this time, and now there are no more stars about WWE, and there are no fans in the match like us.

"You see it in social media, people are mistaken about this match, it should be a topic, why this is not why it is not the only question.

"This is a world championship, a champion against the champion, two major WWE champions should be against each other in the main event."

He asked for the support of Rosie and the UFC icon in such a short time, and he was not equally responsible.

The Becky Lynch raw material was short-lived

"Yes, I respect it, but it's not a respect, it does not respect me, it does not respect me, it's his signature … I do not respect.

"He was natural, but he did not undergo testing, and I honestly admire what he did before, he knocked on the door and changed the game in MMA.

"But he did not open the door at WWE, so I did it, and I kept it here, and I was trying to scratch it.

"But his name was the foremost event of evolution, and I was the" main story of evolution ", so we have seen why it must be the main story of evolution.

"I have proved that this is not my value but my skill … I can now remember him, but I respect him, he is in my sport, in my opinion, I have not criticized my popular game."

"People have changed the way they perceive women in that sport, and I need to strengthen them."

Confirm that WWE has not yet reversed the match with a possible upgrade on SmackDown episode yesterday.

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