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Chandrababu Naidu wants to launch Telangana through its proxy-congress, says TRS leader KT Ramon Rao


About 150 kilometers from Hyderabad, Serjilla, Radjanna is the headquarters of the Syriac area. Apart from home textile hubs and thousands of seamstresses, this area is separated from the Telangana constituency of the IT minister's constituency. Taraka Rama Rao with Kalvakuntla is often referred to as CTE, three times in Sircilla MLa. One of the most famous figures of the state and Chandresak Rao's possible successor lawyer is becoming a full member of his constituency.

After the election flare and the main contention in Telangana, Chandrababu Naidu's alliance with the Telugu Desam party and several members of that team, the ruling party Telangana Rashtra Samithi This time.

So what about KVD again in Chandraababu in Telangana? Of course not, says KTR. "Chandrababu Naidu wants to monitor the elections in Telangana, but that does not affect the outcome of the poll," he adds. In News 18, Rishikah Saddam is working with the minister during his Sirkilla campaign.
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Processed excerpts:
What impetus do you have from your constituency and the state as a whole?

KTR: My opinion will be one-sided. I'm in the middle of the campaign. More positive pulses. The general feeling of the state is a government that has achieved well-being and development and is a model for other parts of the country. Not only us but also some influential leaders and other ministers of the Union feel it. So, yes, there are plenty of positive emotions for us.

But most of your leaders have started to heat up here. We asked them to go during the propaganda, telling us that the TRS local staff is not strong and this is only a rescue of the SSR. Do you agree with it?

KTR: There are two issues. We have been in power for four years. Previously, the 67th anniversary of the congress and the 17th anniversary of the Congress, if they worked, would not have many problems. We started getting stronger, and people think it takes time to deliver us.

I do not see much dissatisfaction, but here and there. On the whole, you will see victory on December 11th.

According to you, this is what will happen in the past manifest, failed, failed or improperly handled.

KTR: I would not call it unsuccessful. We have done two things better, the second is the housing program – it has begun, we have to accelerate it.

In fact, more than 2.6 thousand houses will be built. We spent Rs 18,000 crore – you will never see this scheme anywhere in the country. We only delivered 13,000-14,000, which is not satisfactory.

Secondly, we have completed 38,000 job vacancies in the government sector while doing the job and employment – the expectations were even higher. For example, coordination of expectations of the labor force in the government sector, we managed to improve it.

Do you think Chandrababu Naidu vs KCR is a state again? Naidu's party has been a member of TDP's Congressional Telangana election. How will his presence affect the election?

KTR: This is absolutely not for Chandrababu Naidu against KCR Let me Naidu focus on managing Telangana resources and managing the state through the proxy and the proxy selected – this is Congress.

Naidu is known as a commercialist in the AP. It is well-known that he is spending money and we are worried that Mr. Nadi may use resources like intelligence agencies in the Andhra Pradesh GO. His minds were listening. We worry about his wealth, which he finances and finances the Congress, which does not affect the outcome of the election.

There is a large union that works at the National Front. Chandrababu Naidu was in the lead, met with Rahul Gandhi and other leaders. How do you think it is formed?

KTR: The world is not bipolar, it's not just the UPA's NDP. There is a certain scope for the NPA and other NDA parties that do not interact with one another. You will not be able to see a powerful country until our states are stronger. In our opinion, the Congress and the RPF have had severe failures and should be a lifelong alternative. Will it arise in 2019? I do not know. We do not consider India's policy as Chandraabu Naydu. We are convinced that he was once a Congress opponent, and we do not believe in him. People were tested, tested, and made with it.

Also, the People's Republic of China was one of the people who could change the idea of ​​"federal front". What is the progress then?

KTR: After 11 December, the main goal of Telangana CM is national policy. Our CM will have a long time since December 2019, and it will study that time to focus on the federal front.

How does KTR assess Narendra Modi's management?

KTRHe gave way to the country, he overthrew Telangana. I do not even give personal marks. I think that the people of the country will make a clever choice in 2019. Both national parties are highly versatile and partisan regarding schemes and development. Overall, in 2014, the positive for Modi was, of course, not the case. The aura that he had previously had no longer existed. We see how the wind blows.

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