Tuesday , January 31 2023

Chhattisgarh questionnaire: The fate of many stars for sealing on Tuesday


Former Prime Minister Ajit Joji and his two family members, IAS politician OP Former king of Chudkhri and Sargudja TS Singledo – many destinations on Tuesday have many other candidates selling the second round of this tribal survey. the state prevails.

Yesterday evening, the rest of the 72 seats of the Chhattisgah Assembly and the places for voting took place, including Kavarj, Prime Minister Raman Singh.

Singh is a registered voter in Kavare, but surveys from Rajngungaon in the first round of polls on 18th November are scheduled for November 12.

"We are expecting to vote in the second round, and people will go out to vote for BJP for a long time, and we will be back for the fourth consecutive year," said Singh, the PTI said on Monday.

Traditionally, the main contenders for the BJP were Congress, since Sing was Prime Minister for 17 years in the 18-year history of the state for 15 years. However, this time in the election, former Prime Minister Agit Dodji is the third power in the form of Dalit leader Mayavati alliance.

In addition to his son Amit Joji, the Jogy family opposed the important Assembly in Chhattisgarh, and their main goal was to ensure that the Congress and Congress were defeated by the state.

Ajit Jogi Marvahi, from Konta, with her husband Renu Jogi and his predecessor, opposed Risha Dzhoy with BSP ticket from Baltiso Akaltara. Joey's new outfit will take part in an alliance with the Zhanate Congressman Chhattisgahr Mawati's Baugyen Samage.

Among them are the fate of 10 ministers, including Brigmuhan Agrava (Raipur South), Amar Agraval (Bilaspur) and Radjour Munat (Raipur West).

Agit Jodji and O.P. There are interesting parallels between Chodhri, as the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) came out to embark on politics. At the same time, both of them stopped their campaign from the spring collector's camp.

Joji was a gathering agent in Indore when he left office to join Congress. Later, in 2000, Raja had a Sabha port and later became the first Prime Minister of Chhattisgah State in 2000. Joey was prime minister until the 2003 Congress lost BJP power.

Choudhry also served as a powerful rapporteur of Raipur, who joined the BJP and challenged the election policies to crumble and crumble. The Shafran party has opposed it from Harasia to the death of the congressional leader, Ned Kumar Patel, son of Weshe Patel.

Nad Kumar Patel, along with other Congressional leaders, was killed in Djiramgati Nahal attack.

A prominent leader of the Congress and a possible candidate for the Congress from the potential candidate for prime minister, Charan Das Makhanct, will be voted by Sakk in the Yonghir-Shampa district.

President of the Congress Bhafes Barkel announces a contest for the position of Patan, Durg district.

In 2013, the Assembly surveys received the 49th place, BJP won the 49th place, the 39th Congress, the BSP one and one independent candidate.

In polling stations for 18 constituencies, at the first polling station at 12 polling stations, 76.28% of the total number of voters is expected to be high, and the second round of voting for political parties is expected.

In 2013, the share of all participants in the 90th place was 74.65%.

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