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Compensation of pharmacies will focus on US anti-drug security


A senior US federal commander of the Food and Drug Administration (FBI) has been worried about drug dealing with agency pharmacies on Monday, causing 76 people in Massachusetts's pharmacy.

FILE PHOTO: pharmacist of the former New England Compounding Center Glenn Ching is pictured in Canton, USA. This photo taken on September 19, 2017, by the Reuters news agency, Massachusetts, states. Canton Police Department / REUTERS

Janet Woodkock, head of the FDA pharmaceutical department, has confirmed that he has never seen the normal steroid of the New England Compounding Center in the Boston federal court in 2012.

Pharmaceutical dosage forms special preparations for patients who can not be satisfied with FDA-approved medicines.

The certificate issued by Woodcutt appeared six months ago during the trial of six former HRO employees or convicted before their commencement. According to prosecutors, the accused are talking about the quality of HCV drugs and how the regulators should use it.

Six people – Grigory Konigliaro, co-owner; Sharon Carter, Former Director of NCS; pharmacists Jean Svirier, Christopher Liri, Joseph Evansos and Alla Stepants. They did not admit their guilt.

Wooduck says that although the worst of all the drugs that have been brewed for the first time are alcoholics, they still have problems with these drugs.

"We still see the patient's illness," Wooduck says.

The comment repeats what the authorities say, as it has been found in doctors' medicines.

According to the FDA, after the appearance of more than 500 medicines, it often detects unsanitary conditions, including dead dead insects and microbial growth.

Nonprofit Pew Charitable Foundations believe that 1416 people between 2011 and 2017 have been subjected to adverse events following the adoption of auxiliary drugs, such as contamination or potentially severe problems. 115 people were killed.

"In my opinion, we have come a long way after the NSA, but I think there is more to improving the quality of complex medicines," said FDA Senior Research Adviser Julie Dohm in an October interview with Reuters.

Traditionally, pharmaceutical drugs are intended to meet the needs of the individual patient, such as allergy to ingredients in the FDA approved drug.

However, some drugs, which are traditionally regulated drugs, have become major companies that deliver significant quantities of drugs to keep in the hospital during the disease prevention phase.

These firms entered the NECC, their owners and employees cut corners and made drugs in dirty conditions.

Later, six people, including the ICRC, were convicted, including six people.

The founder of NECC, Barry Cadden, and former supervising pharmacist Glenn Chin, were convicted of racketing and fraud in two previous trials and were held in jail for nine and eight years, respectively.

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On Monday, Woodock said that NECC was a drug maker that fills "recipes for certain patients," making a "state-controlled" drugstore.

After the spring of 2012, the Congress has set up outsourcing installations for mass sale of conserved products, but has been enrolled in the FDA and adopted a federation that meets federal production standards.

But even today there are thousands of pharmacies, the FDA lists up to 70 registered outsourced objects. The FDA is now eager to simplify the transformation of spare parts into outsourcing facilities.

Report by Nath Raymond in Boston; Editorial of Alexia Garamfalvi and Francis Kerry

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