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On November 14, Ashok Chavla refused the board of the IA bank.

Yes Bank extended the lender's assets of the fifth largest private sector in the country, and the central bank in the country extended the term of the CEO (CEO) in September. The Poor RBI has been squeezed due to bad loans in the financial sector, has changed the stock price of the Ia bank and made the company flying several times from the top of the copper. As of September 19, the company's market value exceeded 29,000 rubles ($ 4.06 billion), depending on the situation on Tuesday.

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June 12: Yes The shareholders of the Bank approve the appointment of Rana Kapur as Managing Director (MP) and Chief Executive Officer for three years from September 1.

August 30. The Bank will continue to serve as the MD and CEO of RBI, further reporting to Kapur from the central bank.

September 19: RBI shortens its shorter lifetime by January 31, 2019.

September 21: After the announcement by RBI, the IaBank has more than 30 percent of its tanks and its lender loses $ 3.1 billion at market value.

According to market insiders, the PfP's action shows a more motivated approach to solving the problem of bad debts that hinders the Indian banking sector.

September 25 The Board of Creditors makes a decision to seek a RBC to extend the lifespan of Kapur until April 30, 2019, which will form a Capurian Heritage Inquiries Committee.

September 28: Kapur, in an interview for Twitter, remains committed to the interests of the bank and its stakeholders. She also never sells her promoter shares, but handed them to her daughters.

CARE RATINGS rating agency Yes, the Bank's debt instruments are realized in accordance with "credit hours with the implications of development".

October 5: Former Chairman of the Bank Insurance Regulatory Authority T. S. Wijayan and former chairman of the State Bank of India O.P. Bacht identified as External Experts for the Search and Selection Committee.

October 11: Yes The Bank will appoint a Korn Ferry consulting firm to assist in finding a new manager.

October 17: RBI declines to extend the bank's Rana Kapur longer, and requests the lender to find a new manager until February 1, 2019. Yes The Bank says it intends to complete the lease before mid-December.

October 25: Yes The Bank's profit in the second quarter is a high threshold, as the asset quality is deteriorating compared to bad debt and double the market price.

The creditor also says that the loan will affect the Lease Infrastructure lease and the Financial Services.

October 26: The Bank's general manager's search panel will complete the candidate's potential profile. Korn Ferry also offers a list of candidates for the pool.

November 12: In the media report, Bank Yes Bank has received the RBC's instruction to continue its chairmanship after Ashok Chavla was accused of corruption charges.

November 14: Ashok Chava departs from "Yes" bank office. Vasil Gujarati also steps as an independent director.

November 15: P.P. Bacht resigns as an external expert on the search and recruitment committee because of a 'conflict of interest'.

November 19: Independent Non-Executive Director Renald Chandroharch has resigned

November 20: Yes The Bank has announced the selection process of the CD and CEO, but the resignation of the board members has no effect.

Efforts are being made to interact with Rana Capur and Madhou Capur and her family, a joint promoter.

The board is now comprised of seven members after the launch of the DPRK.

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