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How to Quit Messages You've posted in top stories


Whether this is a bug, auto-check, or bad video, most of us have noticed that we may not be able to process incorrect messages in apps.

When you understand that your message is fragmented, you may be able to talk with your supervisor, mother or friend. If you think you can not turn it back, do not touch it. There are specific ways to navigate the technique (yes, no) so you can save yourself from uncomfortable message errors.

Facebook Messenger, Instagram and more. to learn how to view messages sent in applications such as this app.

Facebook Messenger

The 191nd version of the Facebook Messenger on Apple App Store comes with all the technology features that allow you to send voice messages, talk to your business, and display message reactions with labels. Currently, you can only delete messages sent to your device, but it will change soon.

According to Facebook Messenger, new features will appear on the go, including the ability to remove the message from the chat language after sending it. For example, if you make an incorrectly-incorrect information or message incorrectly, you can fix it by deleting it for up to 10 minutes after sending it.


Instagram Direct Message (Instagram)

Instagram may be the easiest program to remove messaging. Deleting a previously sent message contains only three steps: tap the arrow in your Instagram channel and select the conversation to find the message you want to retrieve, then hold the message to select "unsend". Your bad message is pushed into a chat channel. Keep in mind that if you have one, you can see your errors right before your message so you can use this application.

Google Hangouts

Continuous messaging is the key point in Google Hangouts, but unfortunately personal messages you send can not be deleted. If the message dilemma happens, you can do just two steps: go to "settings" to delete the conversation history with one person or delete the group chat history. Even if you turn off the bad message on your phone, all recipients will see an error on the side of the stream. So be sure to check your note before printing the "submit" button in this app.


WhatsApp Messaging (Photo Credit: WhatsApp)

WhatsApp makes it easier to delete bad messages. You can delete the app from a few easy steps steps. To delete messages sent in an individual chat or group, open the application, chat, message error, tap and hold the message, and then tap the "delete" button at the top of the screen. The advantage of this feature is up to 60 minutes to delete previously sent messages, but your recipients will be able to see the message before it can be deleted or immediately deleted.


The Snapchat feature, which is a feature of instant messaging, is unable to delete previously sent messages. Finally, you can turn off conversation by clicking the "clear chat" button under "account actions" and by tapping the "x" button next to the name to clear the conversation history. Even if you can delete any messages on your phone, the recipient can still get the message stream.

However, Snapchat has a "Clear chat" feature, where you can delete the message before a friend can see it. CNBC. To do this, tap the message to go to your friend's face, to select a conversation column, to select the message you've previously sent, and to save and delete. It's easy. However, your friend sees the deleted message, so be careful when you make a mistake.

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