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How to send WhatsApp stickers (new feature!)


WhatsApp stickers are fun and make conversations fun. Whilst Facebook's messaging platform is one of the latest features that connects with WhatsApp stickers, it's always adding new features to the program.

Up to one week a week, stickers are put on the WhatsApp beta. Users must be on WhatsApp version 2.18.329 or high performance labels.

If you still do not receive the WhatsApp sticker updates, WhatsApp has all the users no reason to keep upgrading, and you should get an update within a week. Use of stickers works simpler and works like the Emoji event.

If you've got WhatsApp stickers but can not find the opportunity, then we're happy to help. So let's look at how to send WhatsApp stickers.

It depends:

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<h2 id=Find the labels button

WhatsApp stickers button is located together Emoji and GIF icons. Follow these steps to find the labels button:

  • In WhatsApp, open the chat window, then tap Emoji button will appear in the "Type of message" line.
  • Now you see 3 options at the bottom of the screen, which had only two options.
  • For the first two options Emoji and GIF respectively, for the third version Labels.
  • Tap the Stickers tab and view multiple pre-installed packages.


How to send a sticker

Sticker delivery is very straightforward and affects the process as emotionally friendly. WhatsApp has several steps to send a sticker to:

  • Click on the stickers button.
  • Select the sticker packaging to which the sticker will send the label by tapping the sticker packages at the top of the latch. labels tab.
  • Now click on the label that you want to send.

That's it. WhatsApp does not update to the latest version, but appears on the receiver's device. Sending multiple labels simultaneously collects two sticker labels.

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<h2 id=How to load additional labels

If you are not satisfied with the applicable stickers, you add a new collection of your own collection to your existing collection.

  • To do this, simply open it Labels Tap on the tab connect icon on the right labels selection panel.
  • You will now be able to see multiple packages for download. When the stack pack is ready for download, tap download button on the right side of the sticker pack.
  • A pack of lids will now appear My Stickies tab.
  • If you still can not get enough labels, simply move them to the bottom All labels Tap the tab Get additional stickers Searching for and downloading labels on Google Play.

If you try to choose a good sticker from hundreds of packages, or if you're trying to find a good sticker, you're back off if you do not want to spend an hour or two. In trying to save you time, we've sorted out the best stickers for you to save you.

It depends:

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<h2 id=How to add stickers to your favorites

Adding stickers to your favorites is very simple and you need headaches that will help you find the stickers you need. How to add labels as favorites.

  • In the chat window, tap the ad label you want to add to your favorites, then tap Add to Favorites.
  • Also, long press on the label in the chat window star icon it must appear in the top bar.
  • Here's another way to add a tag to the Favorites list – go to the beginning labels tab and then for a long time On the label that you want to add to the Favorites list. When you see a popup window, just tap ADD

You can also find a detailed instruction on how to add stickers to your favorites.

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<h2 id=How to remove packing linings

Not all the sticker packages are made the same, some are awesome, and some are not fun. In this case, you should think about how to get rid of stickers you do not use. And getting a sticker roll is as simple as setting someone up.

  • Remove the luggage compartment cover Go to Settings> Apps> Delete & remove tabs & # 39;> Uninstall.
  • You can also delete a sticker package from WhatsApp itself. Just open the labels tab and tap +. Now go My Stickies tab, you can find all the packages you have set up. Click on the Delete the icon on the right of the sticker pack you want to remove.
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