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I never met Gurmas Ram Rahim after Aksay Kumari invites SOM India News

According to Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar, on Monday, he "never, never" sent Darra Sasha Saud Gurmet Ram Rahim. He was called by a special investigative group (SIT), three years before the Punjab Faridoth district.

The group died in 2015 after the collapse of the Bharqari state in 2015 by Guru Grant from the Sahib, Kotkapura and Behbal Calanda. Two people were killed in a firefight in the city of Behbal.

The Justice for Sacrifice reported on the events in the Ranzit Singh Comedy, which was held between the Deputy Prime Minister Sukhir and Gurmet Ram Rakhim Singh on the film, shot by the director of the "MSG" film, directed by Dera Sasha Saud, in the condominium "Kumar".

The meeting was held prior to the apology to Gurmet Ram, Rahim Singh.

"While I was living at a time in the town of Juhu in Gumar Rahman Rahim's office, I was taught in the media, but we never had to give each other the other way," said the actor.

"For years, I have had a rich history and tradition of the Punjabi culture and Singh King, Caesarean (based on the Battle of Sarhagari) and many others. I introduced films like this. I am proud to be a Punjabi and highly valued Sikh faith. I will never do anything that will harm the Punjabi brothers and sisters' mood.

The team called Parach Singh Badal, former Prime Minister of Penjab, and his son, Suhbyr Singh Badaldi.

On November 16, Badal was asked to visit the SIT led by Inspector General Lieutenant Junwar Vijay Pratap Singh. Sukhbir was summoned on November 19 and asked Kumar to visit the Circus House on Amritsar on November 21.

A five-person team was formed by Captain Amarinder Singh, the government's government in September. It was reported to the Central Bureau of Investigations soon after the resignation of Guru Greeng Sakhib's rescue investigation.

Published on: Nov 12, 2018 at 16:55 IST

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