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I want to go to death because it can be the last Australian tour: Assant Sharma


New Delhi: This is the case of Ishan Sharman, the elderly generation of India, who is "the fourth and last excursion" of Australia.

The most popular player in the current team (87 games) was part of India during the 2007-08, 2011-2012 and 2014-2015 tour.

"I'm always killing you because you can not think about the second chance. I'm 30, and I'm going to the next round (from 2022 in Australia) -23), and then I'm 34 years old, and I'm leveling up my level at this level." , – said Ishan during the first two months of his stay in England after his first competitive match.

Wrong practice in 18 in England with five shots was much better than it looks in the picture. The 30-year-old feels that he is reaching the magician, and sometimes he has the mind to show field performances.

"I'm already ripe and know my field settings and containers depending on the situation, and as you get old, your body is degraded and weary, and it's about brain condition. , you can say good bowling, "said Ishant, who had a total of 256 nights in 87 tests.

As a skipper of Skipper Kohl's (73), Founder's goal is to teach the next generation of followers, who can share their experiences in a few years.

"I share my experience, I mean what kind of experience I have, and I can tell the length of the playground, and tell how long it is possible to eat on certain tracks, and the younger teenager should lead the teenagers.

According to the suspect, the chip should not be on the shoulder's shoulder.

"They should joke with their teens, and I'm telling juvenile teenagers," why did you do that? " I am the elderly who fixes different indicators for my teens.

Winner of India's 2013 Champions League in England, Ishan, does not hide the fact that 80 RIIDs are "suffered" by the limited number of benefits.

"I do not play ODI, yes, I feel bad about it, I want to play in all three formats for the country, but there are a few things you can not control, and think over too many negative things," he said.

Thinking can affect its format, its productivity.

"If I think I do not play ODI, then this can affect the outcome of my test. My goal is to focus on the format that you play."

Ishan acknowledged that Australia did not have Steve Smith and David Warner.

"You can say that (India's advantage), statistics show that in recent years, 60 percent have been reported by Smith and Warner," he said.

But he was cautious and respectful of the opposition he played in his body.

"For Australia, you have to be of the same quality and are the first-class performer, so you can not get them off Australia is a hard side, the bride can tighten it. but also made you a hard player, and I have never had this problem, "Ishant said.

Always considered a worker, Ishant does not bowling for a long time in Australia's hot and delicate conditions.

"I do not know if bowling and how much I have, if I'm a bowling alley and need to go in for a certain amount of time, then I drink it. fast onion, then cricket do not play. «

When he asked India to surrender the "poor traveler", he was in a moment of fun.

"We are not disturbed by the tags because as a group we know we have 100 per cent, we should not take care of what others have said because we are going through a difficult time in the steppe. We have received support from many players, so we do not really care about what people are saying.

"When we can not win the match, nobody is too much of us, because we play on our pitch," said Ishan, who took 1-4 victories from England.

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