Sunday , October 17 2021

Karnataka accounts for 25% of all India's investment plans

BENGALLU: Karnataka has attracted the largest amount of investment offers in the first three quarters of 2018, leaving behind two major states, Gujarat and Makharashtra.

Analysis of the data of the Ministry of Commerce indicates that, in the case of investment offers of $ 83,236, the government makes up 25% of the total cost of such offers in India. Total country – 3.38 USD.

But the state is only 6% of the total number of projects submitted. In the first nine months, India received 1448 offers and only 92 of Karnataka, representing the vast majority of the proposed projects.


The offers include the Rs 100-crore project of the MK Agrotech, many of the Maine Group offers, the RS 240-crore project offered by SK Steel, a 3.6-tonne steel mill, Ultratech and Adani Cement, distributed by aerospace, space and motor vehicles.

There are 347 projects in Gujarat, the number of offers submitted by Karnataka four times, Maharashtra 275 more than three times the project. However, in Gujarat, 347 projects are only Rs 59,089 crore, and 275 projects in Maharashtra – 46,428 rubles.


Over the past two months, Karnataka has received 23 proposals for sectors such as aerospace, space, iron and steel, pharmaceuticals, automotive, textile, information technology and renewable energy sources. The offerings are distributed through districts: Benghaluru, Tumakuru, Bagalcot, Bidar, Kalaburgi, Ballari, Belagavy, Kollar, Dakhshina Kannada and Koppal.

Last month, TI Most of Karnataka's proposals were reported in February and March. In the next few months, he had fallen sharply, but in August and September there was another pickup.

Gavrav Gupta, Secretary-General of the Department of State Industry and Trade, said that Karnataka is a person and has a good pool of natural resources and industrial policy. "Although our figures are good, our priorities and priorities are to make most of the recommendations on ground projects. There is a lot of handshake on this front, and you will see the results soon, "he said.

Drop since last year

By 2018 this figure is lower than in the previous year. In the first three quarters of 2017, Karnataka RS Minister of Industry George J. noted that the state was in the middle of the election for the first three months of this fiscal year (April-June), and then it did not have much in the government. "Now we have to pay attention that we have a lot of new policies, such as electronic transportation, which means we can attract investments," he said.

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