Friday , May 20 2022

Manchester City is ready to move to Derby in the Premier League


Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho moved to Manchester City in the Premier League and beat Etihad with a 3-1 win in a fierce battle.

Every half of David Silva and Sergio Aguero had an early goal. After defeating Anthony Martial in the penalty shootout, Iraqi Gunay won the fourth league in June.

In the city, local rivals have to score 12 points, and Liverpool must be the leader with the eighth Mourinho.

The war response was only a blow to the "United" team because the city showed why they were champions and that Alex Ferguson surpasses the Red Devils in the six seasons since retirement.

Massachusetts has complained to Mourinho: "You go to statistics, like soccer players who do not understand soccer.

"I'm not going to statistics, and I've been playing for 80 minutes, looking at the things I've learned."

Mourinho's men won Bournemouth and Juventus last week with a score of 2: 1, while City won Southampton and Shakhtar Donetsk six times.

And Mourinho said he had burned his side, as well as Paul Pogba's injuries, with physical and mental illness.

"In a week they enjoy 6-0, 6-1 draws, calm down, do not pressure, do not mind, everything is incredible and easy, we played two matches, difficulties, second place is for us as one of the best teams in Europe" he said.

"The game was supposed to be not only physical, but also intelligent."

The Pep Guardiola side has now won 11 and has won only one of the last 12 games, one of the two lost teams lost in the Premier League last season – the only lag of 0-0 to Liverpool.

The other two were defeated by local rivals in April with 2: 2 score 2: 2.

Report on the city

Liverpool or London to Manchester will have difficulty scoring this point and refusing to take the first place in the decade to maintain the Premier League.

Liverpool, Chelsea, Tottenham, and Arsenal are not just Manchester City's Champions, "says Guardiola, five defeats in 22 appearances.

"The depth of our team helps us in many things, because we all know that we have to stay there."

In the past week, although he tried to slow down Mourinho's predictions about the future, he has slowly started and has been punished again.

Bernardo Silva scored his 7th goal in 12 minutes with a powerful shot for De Gea in 12 minutes.

A club equaled half of "Astana", and Aguero did not threaten again until half the time before the match.

"The first half was not good," Guardiola said. "We played as if we did not want to lose the ball but did not intend to attack or do something."

In just three minutes after break, Aguero Riyad played De Gea, a highly regarded premiere of himself as the best scorer of the Premier League, playing one or two with Maxrez.

However, the city was attacked by Massachusetts, for the first time, they were ceased because Romelu Lukaku had just started to rise for a single penalty, so he scored a goal for the league for the fifth time.

However, the city still scored and scored all three points in the style.

Gunung completed a 44-minute road, which entered the whole area in 5 minutes.

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