Wednesday , December 8 2021

Mark Zuckerberg commands iPhone to disconnect iPhone from Android and use Android because it surprises you


Most Facebook employees do not use the iOS-enabled Apple iPhone. Instead, they now use Android smartphones. This does not mean anything on the iPhone is wrong or they do not like the device because they are ordered not to use an Apple phone. And the order came first from the top.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has ordered his employees to use only Android smartphones. This stunning decision was made by Apple CEO Tim Cook, who has scanned the largest ever data-protection scan in the social media company because of the controversy surrounding Cambridge Analytics.

Cook Cook, in MSNBC's interview, said that "We do not privacy," Cook said in an interview, "Privacy is a human right, which is civil liberty." Then, when Recode's Black Swisher, Mark Zuckerberg, asked what he would do, Cook said, "I would not be in that situation."

According to the New York Times, Cook's comment on Facebook after the Russian interference and after discussing the company's discussion of Cambridge Analytica controversy prompted Zuckerberg. Later, he said using his Android phone, the mobile operating system was a wider user base than Apple.

On the one hand, Zuckerberg said that Cook had found "very interesting" not just with the order to ban the iPhone from Facebook.

"I do not think it's necessary to have Stockholm syndrome, and I can assure you that companies that do much to endanger you are really caring for you because it's funny for me," said Facebook's founder Vox. interview.

Soon, Facebook's Chief Operating Officer, Cheryl Sandberg, said in an interview with Robado that he was "respectfully opposed" by Cook's criticism.

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However, Facebook's action against Apple did not stop there. According to NYT, the company has published negative articles on Apple's "NTK Network" conservative news site. Tim Miller, in an interview for New York, said Apple did not compete directly with Facebook, but the social media platform was criticized by the company's platform.

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