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Mining Baron Garnard Sandy Reddi is considered to be involved in the attack by Ponzi on November 24


Bengaluru: The mine baron and the former Karnataka minister, Gandrana Reddi, were arrested after a police raid on Sunday for the police marathon.

Prior to appearing in the police division of the Central Criminal Tribunal on Saturday, Reddi was detained after an intensive investigation on Sunday morning, police spokesman Alok Kumar said.

He was brought before the 6th Metropolitan Magistrates Court, which was on trial until November 24.
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Last week, RBC searched Reddie, which deals with dealings with rupees dealing with fraud in the Ponzi scheme covering hundreds of rupees last week.
An intense grill started on Friday afternoon, stretching at 2 am and had to sleep in the Reddi office.

Before being brought to trial, Reddi passed a medical examination.

According to Reddie, the police went to the police on Saturday evening, telling him that he was not afraid of the police and did not come to the police station.

He called the allegations against him part of the "political defiance."

As previously reported, the CCB also captured Reddi's close assistant Ali Khan, but later on, after being acquitted by the CPC Khan court, the police were facing a technical problem related to his detention.

The CCB has been involved in Khan's search, which accused 20-year-old Rs Ambidant Marketing Pvt Ltd of dealing with Syed Ahmed Fareed with the Ponzi scheme and investigating it from the Fareed Security Board.

During the investigation, Fared announced that he had paid the money for Reddy's aid when he was in custody.

Reddy rejected these accusations on Saturday. Prior to arriving at CCB, Reddi, the founder of Ballari, claimed that the city did not need to run away.

Reddy's Berkeley sister, Sriiramlullin's sister, J. Shanta, who has lost the poll in the Balcari Lok Sabha constituency, believes Reddi's brothers are the strongest owners. The Congress has been in BJP's fight against the Ballari since 2004.
However, according to the police, there are no political connections in the court, they have been working for the past 20 days, but on November 3, the police waited to be prepared for further action for politicization.

Mr. Reddi, former minister of BJP, CBI, was charged with a large number of illegal criminal offenses in 2011 and was arrested three years later. He was then called the "Republic", called the "Ballari".

According to police, Fareed has paid for the money, because Reddie has promised to check the ED.

By 2017, Fareed has already made about 40-50% of the promised returns.

Thanks to the promise, thousands of people have invested in the company, which primarily increases good returns and attracts more investors.

However, later, when he was unable to pay the promised revenues, his case was registered and he was raided in January-February.

Nevertheless, Fared Raddie met with Raddy, asking for help from Khannan ED, and police said, that about 20 criminals were required gold in the Ballari jewelery store.

During the investigation, the CCB found a real operation from Ambidant, Rb 18 Corbus, paid by Ramesh Kothari, the managing director of Bengaluru Ambika. Catherine told the Ramesh jewelery maker that she won 57 kilograms of gold while she was heading the Raj Mahal Fancy jewelry store in Ballari.

Ramesh, who was arrested since then, demanded that the gold be given to the Khan. The police also reported that Reddy had some pictures of the meetings to prove his direct link to the case.

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