Saturday , January 28 2023

MS Dhoni plays cricket with children in Lehte. Look at the picture


MS Dhoni plays cricket with children in Lehte. Look at the picture

Chennai Super Kings published a picture of M.John, playing cricket with kids in Lehte. © Twitter

Former Indian captain MS Donni Jammu served in the Paramashy Regiment of the Territorial Army in Kashmir, and another news on Saturday. The image of M. Dahoni, playing cricket with children in the Lechtha, has spread the virus in social networks. The Indian Premier League (IPL) franchise, led by Dhoni, sent Chennai Super Kings (CSC) to Twitter to share the photo with the kids. "Different fields. Different games. Leh #Thala @msdhoni #WistlePodu, "wrote the tweet.

Earlier, Donni saw a video playing on social networks in August, playing volleyball with members of his territorial army battalion.

MS Doni was the last to watch the World Cup, where India defeated New Zealand in a semi-final. The 38-year-old Westminster survived the crusade for two months, as he was unable to travel to West India.

Selected by Rishabh Panners, he was the only Wikipedia fan to have a restricted leg of his tour, but Pantt threw the five balls against India in four balls.

When a home series against South Africa begins in September, Dohani may be invited to the Indian team of T20 Internationals. India is planning to hold three T20I and three African matches against South Africa on September 15.

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