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Nat Geo's "Mars" season 2 tells us that the Red Planet will soon be the source of human colonization


The National Geographical Mars, a unique story, has come back to the dramatic history of Mars, which was supposed to have come to Mars in 2037 from interviews with real-life documentary style colonization in Mars. The second season on November 12.

The series is on the verge of facts, showing the difficulties facing the first party of human colonialists on our planet.

"Mars" to Science vs. Commerce

Season 2 ends five years after the end of June 1, 2042.

Today, the first human beings on Mars start to turn the planet into a territory and join a commercial organization that advises Mars on capitalization.

The pit between scientists and miners is the main theme of the dramatic part of the season. Documentary sections parallel to this topic.

The human conflict will have an impact on the time of scientific research and need time for the planet to become an adversary in human politics.

"Mars" Phase 2 gives the audience an in-depth look at how Mars's current exploration and housing surveys affect future missions on the Red Planet.

Science experts facilitate the gradual migration of Mars

In the series of the series, Pulitzer Prize Laureate Jared Diamond, NASA Planet Chris Chuck McCay and author Stephen Petrank, Andy Wear (Andy Weir) Together with NASA's other space experts and personal spacecraft, the author of the book, How We Live In Mars, is gathering together to explain to us that we are in the real world at our mission to make a colony to Mars.

The first episode, which began on November 12, gave an interview to Neil deGrasse Tyson.

In the future, the colonial problems of Marx will be accompanied by the current challenges of the earth

Parallels are now being made between the dramatic version of the situation on the Mars to fight the planet, especially about gathering and living there. Capitalism is assumed to be worse in space and on the Red Planet as on Earth.

In addition, the psychological difficulty, along with others, contains mysterious inscriptions and newborns, almost new in a strange planet. Water is the first category resource.

Capitalization of the Red Planet

The Arctic, as well as Mars, is now a crucial point of sale. Science and capitalism fights about the possibility of maritime drilling, as fodder combustion entails a great deal of environmental damage.

Similarly, Mars states: "When it reaches the Red Planet, the situation shows how little or no.

It will become an outer space space space for outer space. Because space agencies are now joined by private companies such as Boeing and SpaceX to launch space missions.

"Mars was not full of scientists and romantic people, and people were there to earn a living, and if they were to spend on Mars, people would go for money," wrote Andy Veer, The Martian, section 1.

"Mars is for anyone who wants to be a businessman and is entering a bold new world and making his own destiny, so Mars is a planet of opportunity," says SpaceX founder Elon Muss.

Rules of capitalism of the earth. Experts say it will also be against Mars.

"In my opinion, on Mars, civilization, in the end, looks like an advanced version of the Earth," says Elon Musk.

Mars's predictions, he was right

While the creative team behind the Nat Geo series is armed with the latest research on Mars and the plans for the Red Planet, it's hard to keep in mind the rapid growth of NASA's discoveries.

Nevertheless, the team made a well-educated scientific findings in the form of theories, which later became the true facts.

According to Stan Pennenck, who wrote about Rand's Mars-based Marston, the recording of the show was made two years ago and there have been many innovations since then.

In these estimates, the liquid water on the Mars Mountain and the planet had tectonic plates movement or volcanic activity.

The National Geographic series is full of scientific facts that you can imagine and come out of the truth. You ask – do you know about it seriously? Will that be? Are you happy for the colonizers on Mars? You decide.

Season "Mars" will be held on Monday at 21:00 at the EST or 8:00 CST on the National Geographic channel.

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