Monday , June 27 2022

New bionic mushrooms can produce electricity


Scientists, including Indians, have created a bioenergy device for the green energy of cyanobacterium clusters, which is a 3D-typed white mushroom fungus.

A study by the Stevens Institute of Technology is part of a broader effort to improve our understanding of the cell biological machinery and how to use them to create new technologies and useful systems for defense, health and the environment.

Researchers have taken the gourmet mushroom from the grocery store and confirmed it by the power of cyanobacteria clusters that generate electron energy and the power of graph nonunoribuses to collect current flows.

"In this case, our system is producing bionic mushroom energy," says Manu Mannor, Stevens Associate.

"Together with nanometer materials capable of collecting flow through the integration of cyanobacteria capable of generating electricity, we have achieved unique features, expanded them and created a new functional biosystem," he said.

The potential for the production of cyanobacteria is well-known. However, researchers are limited in the use of these microbes in bioenergy systems because cyanobacteria do not last long on artificial bio-compatible surfaces.

"We have been able to show the hybrid system the first two ways to create artificial cooperation or symbiosis between two different microbiological kingdoms," says Judit Joshi, a doctoral dissertation council.

"In this work, we can imagine a great deal of opportunities for the future bio hybrid applications," said Mannóró.

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