Friday , June 18 2021

Play the Mumbai Defiance Bengaluru Bulls, Tamil Thalaivas Harriet Styles

U Mumba team lost to Bengaluru Bulls 32-29 in interim clashes in the Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) this season at NSCI stadium. The majority of the visitors in the first half were home team players, each of them playing Bengaluru Bulls. However, the guests were very complicated after the game, which was too late. Another match of the night between Tamil Talayas and Garcia Stillers has come to an end. Sukes Hegde has scored seven raid points for Tamil Talaivas, while Manjit Chhil has scored four goals for Tamil Talayas. Victor Kandola received 14 raid points for Hariana Stiles, and Kulede Singh scored three points

Bengaluru Pawan Sehrawat, Rahul Chaudhary and Kashiling Adake scored eight, five and five points in the match between U Mumba and Bengaluru Bulls, while Darwin Kadian, Surrender Singh and Abofazl Maghsod collected eight and four points ahead.

Darsha and Abafazl scored one point in the first raid. He started with Uumba 2-0, replacing Bengaluru's Pawan and Kashling with four points.

Darhan successfully continued raid activities and chose another point that left visitors only two people in the fabric. As the host took Mahes Marutti and further deteriorated the situation of Bengaluru, nobody seemed to want anything.

Darshan successfully attacked again, as U Mumba achieved a great 9-0 score. The home team scored 12 points and the opponents tried to score their score at the 11th minute.

Skipper Rahul eventually attacked Bengaluru, but U Mumba took 11 points.

Host Freestyle continued in the first half of the show-show, which ranged from 17 to 6.

In the first half of the second half, the leader scored 24-7.

Then, the guests scored a few points to score 11 points, while Mumba managed to manage only one, but the score was 25-11 in the 29th minute.

However, the guests competed with a successful raid by 20 points, while U Mumba scored one point for 35 minutes and ended with a score of 26-20.

Cufflinks have risen to Bengaluru by up to 24 points, leaving the deficit only three minutes to five minutes. Pavan has again successfully conducted a raid on the visitors' scenario of 29 to 25.

The home owner scored 32 points, showing seven more results from his opponents.

Bengaluru scored four points in the final moments of the competition. However, this season won 9 of 12 matches.

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