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Barcelona are trying to strengthen their positions in the La Liga table

An international break in the coming weeks. But before that, the 12th round of the La Liga will have some important matches in fights. One such game will meet Barcelona's league leaders, who have included Real Betis to Camp Nou.

Barcelona are on the La Liga table this weekend. Their closest attackers are Espanyol, while Real Madrid is still in recovery. But lately, there are some games, even if that's the case Blaugrana The result was not completed properly since September.

On the other hand, "Betis" – the highest in the sixth season last season. In the 12th round, Los VerdiBlancos Four points out of the ring area lost three of the last four matches in La Liga.

Last season at the end of June, he lost to Barcelona 2: 0. Before the final match between the two sides, Hard Tackle is closely watching the La Liga match.

Team news and tactics


Messi, Real Betis, will go to Camp Nou to return to the group. (Photo of Mijel Medina / AFP / Getty Images)

Messi, Real Betis, will go to Camp Nou to return to the group. (Photo of Mijel Medina / AFP / Getty Images)

There is good news for Ernest Waldorf, for a change, to a bad idea. On Sunday, Barcelona will play without the first three teams with Boss Sergei Samper. The most important thing is the absence of Philip Kutinho, who has recently shown some positive results.

But a great positive result for Barcelona is that Lionel Messi and William Ummitti both were selected as Valverde's matches. However, the manager removed Overman Dembel, who later announced his training session on Thursday, which resulted in a lot of results.

Having no access to both Debel and Coutinho, he has four versions of the attack in Valverde. Luis Suarez and Messi, of course, are returning to the final. The last tournament should go to Malcolm, which was defeated when opening the account at the beginning of this week.

In the back of Valverde, Umtitie may continue to rest, especially as Clement Lenglett is stunning. Hordy Alba is another player who has been amazed by the last week, and left on the left after a while in Spain. On the right, Nelson may return to Semedo, and Sergi Roberto rests.

In the middle of the park, Arturo Vidal is a single player who is on the run for the start. And, when he needs some rest with Ivan Rakitic, summer holidays can replace Croatia, with Sergio Boezhes and Arthur in the middle of three Trials with his companions. Also, Marc-Andre Ter Stegen would be interested in Valverdez after he was shot from the German team due to injury.

Possible Line (4-3-3): ter Stegen; Semedo, Pique, Lenglet, Alba; Vidal, Busquets, Arthur; Messi, Suárez, Malcolm

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<h4 style=Real Betis

Kike Setin has many difficulties with refusing to go to Barcelona. On Sunday, Real Betis manager will not have two players from both teams with Javi Garcia (hip) and Francis Gerrero (knee) in the treatment schedule.

Two players, in particular, will be in the focus of visitors. For the first time since leaving Barca, Mark Barton is back to Camp Nou and influences his former employers by losing their way to Luis Suarez and Lionel Messi.

Pau Lopez is another scanner, a goalkeeper of the old "Espanyol" – a pantomime evil for fans in Barcelona, ​​after several seasons in the Messiah stamp. Lopez achieves the goal of a person Beticos while Bartra will be third in Sydney and Aissa Mandi.

Also, the lack of Guerrero may be the right wing of Antonio Barragan, while the younger Python will be played on the left wing. In the center of the park, Steenen has options at his disposal. But, Andrés Guarddo and William Carvalho are the usual pairing that takes place well in the middle of the duplicate.

Attacking the attack, Steenen goes to the traditional wingers to extend Barcelona's attack and take Loren Moroni's suffering. Taking that into account, Hoakin and Christiane Tello – another human being in the former Barcelona – Sergio Canales and Giovanni Lee Celcel, should begin with an assault.

Possible Line (3-4-3): Lopez; Bart, Mandy, Sydney; Barragan, Guardo, Carvalho, Firpo; Joachin, Moron, Tello

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<h3 style=Basic statistics

  • If they do not, Barcelona will write a long bout for Lisa's Betis (P14 W13 D1 L0).
  • In fact, Real Betis has finally prevented Barcelona from winning Camp Nou.
  • Barcelona lost points in La Liga this season (12 points) from any other side.
  • Katie Setin has lost control of the league's five league league games against Barcelona, ​​three of which are Las Palmas and the other is Real Betis.
  • Luis Suárez has scored six goals in La Liga (six goals), his best betting competition. He is the biggest scorer with nine goals in La Liga this season.

Player to watch


Will Malcom return to his original team after fulfilling his dreams? (Marco Bertorello / AFP / Getty Images images)

Will Malcom return to his original team after fulfilling his dreams? (Marco Bertorello / AFP / Getty Images images)

The Barcelona player was forced to spend his time in Malcom's life. However, everything will be replaced on time. Of course, the return of Messi threatened to send him to the ranks of the first team.

However, Malcol now has the opportunity to find his place in Valverde's plan, as Coutinho's injury and Dememble are not worthwhile after the riders this week. Other gaming changes the productivity and we just need to hear rumors linking it away from Camp Nou.


Barcelona 4-1 Betis

In the past week, Barcelona has been absolutely uncertain because of its suspicious nature. Real Betis, however, is now out of the way when he gets the La Liga title – Los VerdiBlancos won eight wins this season.

Barcelona's defensive mistakes should be of interest to the players. However, as Lucius Suarez is returning to football and Lionel Messi, Ernesto Valverde's men can attack one of their favorite opponents in La Liga. Hard Tackle assumes a 4-1 win for hosts.

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