Saturday , April 1 2023

Remarks by Amit Shah and Eugene Adigeanat at Nakalism Congress after Prime Minister Narendra Modi | News from India


New Delhi: Following Congressional Prime Minister Narendra Modi's "City Maoist", BJP President Amit Shah and UP's Prime Minister Yogi Adiyaanat banned the Nahalit Party in Tattatgarh on Sunday and set up a weapon in the party.

Speaking at the Chhattisgarh rally in Raipur, BJP President asked the Congress how the Nahalis were responsible for encouraging the development of the state and promoting violence in the region.

"A party that considers Nahalit as a revolutionary may be thinking of the state," Shakh was quoted as saying by Chachattarsar after the election ballot was issued.

BJP President welcomed Prime Minister Raman Singh for a successful solution to the Nahalite problem. "Raman Singh's government has changed the country over the last 15 years and has become one of the nahalites," he said.

At the same time, Uttar Pradesh's Chief Minister Yoga Adiynat Chhatisgarh showed a similar approach at a private meeting.

"The Congress has encouraged nicarism in this region to suit its own interests: the BJP government has taken tough measures against it," said Luther King of Addtenta Chhattisgarh.

In addition, the UP Prime Minister will not engage in politics, even though Congress is never related to national security.

"Congress has provided national security for the political advantage of national security: Chhattisgarh, Djarkand, north-east, or Kashmir, where Congress (National Congress) assessed national security as a policy, but is a top priority for national security. there is a threat to national security, and no one has the right to play with national security, "he said.

Yesterday, Prime Minister Tod Moody condemned the Congress as supporting "City Maoists" in the state of adjacent membership.

"City Maoists live around the AE, studying in large cars and with their children abroad, but with the help of remote control of our juvenile youths, why does Congress support the city's Maoists?" – said the prime minister.

Following the announcement of Prime Minister Modi, Congress said that Prime Minister Chhattisgarh and Madija used the same remarks to condemn the defeat in Pradesh and conceal his "failure" and "weakness" to combat the Nahalit.

Congress Secretary General Randap Sourjalla attacked the prime minister and announced the provincial "Nahalit's remarks" when he was Gujarat's prime minister. He also pointed out that Chachattisgarh's remarks to Prime Minister Raman Singh in 2015 were the Nahalites' "sons of the soil" and their primary focus as children.


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