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Rencriyer Singh Thinks That My Home Is Made: Depica Paudione Raviana Opens Secrets to Tandon | Bollywood


The actors Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh's real wedding in Italy, and subsequent marvelous weddings, have put their finger on their fingers. The lovers and fans are expecting each minute of their wedding, while actor Ragwena Tendon shared the secrets of Instagram and provided some polite behavior.

The magic wife has come out from the pictures of a brilliant wedding party, the actor: Good Happiness! By telling you a few years ago @depikapadukone @RanveerOfficial on a long talk flight, she said: "Renoir makes me feel like home." I will never forget these words and, in fact, it looks like a home. You and your two sons are God.

Though Depiction's easy to see in happy pictures, Ranner's laughter is a thousand words about their relationship. Couples have been in Italy for six years in a private ceremony.

After the ceremony at the Rancourt Residence in Mumbai, Nandy Pudzia at the Depico House in Bengaluru, and a couple of days before the wedding, spouses left for Italy. Pre-Wedding Festive Events On 14 December, Konan's wedding and Anand Karazha ceremony continued on November 15 and continued with car and comedy carriages. On November 17, the couple returned to their home in India. airport fans.

The residence of Ranvier burned to white lamps to meet the new bride, and when the couple came to the media, they surprised them. Then, on Wednesday, when they were about to take Bengalhar, they were white and creamy. Later, on November 28, Mumbai will host another reception for Bollywood friends.

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